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Of course, if they miss a payment then it reflect negatively on the report.

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Credit is all about history. If a parent adds their child onto their credit card as an authroized user, the child instantly gets the same length of time that the parent has. Yes, even if the credit account is 20 years old and the child is 18 years old, they will get 20 years of credit.

So, it still a go and can do wonders if you lack credit.

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It is perfectly legal and above board for an individual to assume a note just as compaines are able to.

explain things person to person. Sometimes people believe that what they know is all there is to Nike Roshe Run Brown Leather

know and in my case that simply not true. Besides being a RE investor I work with a reputable attorney and company who purchase debt. Legally this debt can be assumed by anyone as long as the debt is cancelled/forgiven by the creditor. At this point the creditor is free to assign the debt to anyone who wants to assume that debt.

The creditor benefits because the note otherwise non performing becomes a performing not and as long as the new debtor can afford the monthly payments they benefit from a "tradeline" Roshe Run Women Maroon that reflects positively on their credit.

´╗┐How can I add a legitimate Trade Line

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Make sure the person who is adding you onto their account never has been late and also make sure their balance to limit ratio is no more than 35%.

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NOW, back to your original question cliff, many lenders will accept alternative tradelines (meaning tradelines that show payment history that does not show up on your report). if u were to apply for say a mortgage and be declined for lack of tradelines, i would certainly provide this alternate tradeline to satisfy their requirements. i seen phone bills, electric bills, satellite tv bills, etc all work.

The bureau don use logic, it just a bunch of score cards.

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