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Do you sometimes have a hard time convincing yourself that you deserve anything nice? I had it pounded into my head for so many years that i didn deserve nice things and. If the father has never proven partenity then he does not have any rights, therefore neither does his family, even had he had rights though the court you would not have any rights to see your niece. The law is inorder for the father to file for any parental rights he would have to be on the child birth certificate or of proven partenity. Hopefully your niece when she turns 18 will come see you. If there is a question of partenity then how do you no that the child is his.

I am a single mother that has one child, my child has been living with me since SHE was born. SHE is now 13 years OLD. her. I was tOLD , that do to the fact her FATHER is getting disabillty check every 3rd of.

Will somebody help me get out? I am 14 years OLD. i have adhd and ocd. my mother just died and i have to live with my FATHER.

Roshe Run Women

You are a stranger to this young woman. She may or may not welcome you into her life.

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Of course, by not having his DNA Nike Roshe Girls Blue

father of her girl from 15 years ago. I am Nike Roshe Run For Running

My son is 3 years old and my husband is on the birth certificate not his real father can his real father take me to court to.

Roshe Run Women

Roshe Run Women

Hi, witch auntie2, and welcome to WebAnswers.

Roshe Run Women

Roshe Run Women

At Roshe Run Women this EXTREMELY late stage in that girl life, how would you know that you are the girl aunt, unless your brother took that DNA test to prove paternity, for which the court apparently gave him a clue about what he needed to do to establish his paternal rights?

I hope this makes things perfectly clear. I presume the mother had kept her away from your family for some reason. If you try, the mother would be suspicious of your intention. If it is a reasonable request for an acceptable reason, why don you get in touch with the mother to discuss. It is only fair to respect her wish. Discuss with her before contacting your niece. It is not clear whether your niece is 17 years old or 21 years old. Either way, she is old enough to decide. So after getting her mother concurrence, you should call to explain why you want to see her.

Roshe Run Women

Roshe Run Women

the father but was wondering is there a limit of years in colorado that would change.

Roshe Run Women

Hope things work out well for you.

Roshe Run Women

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tested and paternity established, it would appear that he has saved a bundle. What other reason could there be for his not having done so?

My ex girlfriend just had an order for me to take a dna test to determine if I was the Nike Roshe Run Dark Galaxy

Roshe Run Women

Your question should have been directed to your brother some 17 years ago.

FATHER fight aunt and uncle for child My wife and i after 3 years in court finally got custody of our nice from her mother. now.

I have been married for 8 years but not with my husband for five of the years and i was with my ex boyfriend for four years and together we have a 3 yr old boy recently a yr ago my boyfriend and i havae split up. (We knew she will pass before he did due to health issues.) They made a will which stated how they wanted the estate settled and even made references to what would happen.

´╗┐How do i get to see my nice when i have not seen her in 17 years AND HER FATHER HAS NOT SEEN HER SINCE SHE WAS 4YAERS OLD

Is there a reason that your brother didn bother petitioning for paternity? If he wants nothing to do with her, you really shouldn impose yourself in the situation. What good is it to remind this young woman the person who may be her father doesn give a damn about her? If anyone wants to reach out and find out if your brother is her father, it should be your brother, not you.

Roshe Run Women

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