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Roshe Run Print Wolf Grey

´╗┐Horror at its finest Human Centipede stars discuss controversial movie

"Some guy from Egypt Roshe Womens Nike

Roshe Run Print Wolf Grey

Roshe Run Print Wolf Grey

The film, thanks in part to Internet buzz about its premise, has become one of the most talked about movies of the year.

Roshe Run Print Wolf Grey

Working with the film's villainous doctor was equally intense. "(Laser) is a method actor and he never broke character. He was very creepy and cool," Williams said.

Roshe Run Print Wolf Grey

"It's one of those movies that's black or white. No one says, 'Yeah . I like this part, I don't like that part .' You either like it or you don't like it. Its not for everybody," Yennie said.

"People are always afraid to say they love the movie, but there are so many who do," Kitamura said. Making the movie itself was a fast paced and intense experience, the stars agreed.

"Everything in the film was pretty much improvised, even the script, so we just came up with our own stuff. But even when he wasn't supposed to be on set, he would stand behind the camera and feed us lines, or scary looks or actions, which was really helpful."

"None of us could really prepare for it. We just had to do and put our minds into it," said Williams. "When I first read about (one particular Roshe Run Print Wolf Grey scene) I thought, 'What do I do?' I thought this has to be the most real looking thing if I'm going to do it."

Williams said, "But when we meet people, the fans, at events, we get people saying, 'I haven't seen your movie, but I want to see it. I'm so intrigued.' We also get the die hard fans, the people who absolutely love the film."

Roshe Run Print Wolf Grey

Roshe Run Print Wolf Grey

What's next for the trio? All three are working on separate projects, but will they appear in the film's sequel? "We can't say anything about that," Yennie said with a smile.

discuss the controversial cult horror film.

Roshe Run Print Wolf Grey

Roshe Run Print Wolf Grey

When two American girls (Williams and Yennie) stumble onto the doctor's property during their trek across Europe, the plan is set into motion. A Nike Roshe Run Floral Grey

Roshe Run Print Wolf Grey

third victim (Kitamura) soon enters the picture and before long, the demented doctor succeeds in building his depraved creation with horrifying results.

(wrote me and said) that he couldn't believe I would make a film like that, his girlfriend hadn't eaten in three weeks, and just went on this crazy tangent. It was so ridiculous that I reposted it on Facebook for everybody to read. I was like, 'This is when it goes too far.'"

The stars of "The Human Centipede" Akihiro Kitamura, Ashley C. Williams and Ashylnn Yennie were on hand at first annual Wizard World Comic Con at the Cobb Galleria Centre last weekend to meet fans and Nike Roshe Run Junior Grey And Black

The film tells the story of the world's most renowned doctor in the area of separating conjoined twins (Deiter Laser) and his twisted plans to create a "human centipede."

Roshe Run Print Wolf Grey

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