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is much more aggressive than average so I need to have additional cash on hand to balance the risk. I keep 5% of the fair market value of each of my rentals in cash. I currently have 5 rentals (3SFR 2 Duplex). Once my reserve balance hits $50k I will stop adding to it. When I get into doing bigger deals (large multifamily), I won use a rule of thumb anymore so this little rule will go by the wayside.

3) My properties are pretty cheap. Even with the above formula it still a little less than 5k/property.

Roshe Run Navy And White

We are just staring out, closed on our first rental property in January and waiting to close the second. Our plan for the the first year was to purchase two cashflowing properties, then use the cashflow from those and anything else we can scrape together (income we don spend and toys and equipment we can sell) to make purchase 3 in year 2. With interest rates this low and property prices rising in our area, we are anxious to move on to 3, especially if we happen upon another Roshe Run Navy And White good deal!

Brian is right, you will need 6 months piti, for any new loan, you may not need 6 months on all loans at least not in ready cash, 3 months would be prudent. Your savings also counts, if a qualified tax account, they will deduct the penalty and tax rate for withdrawls.

I have similar goals also to the OP. I closing on my first property soon and will be working towards my second right after that.

Reserves are not pegged to piti to just make up Gold Nike Roshe Run

Roshe Run Navy And White

Roshe Run Navy And White

I wonder though, what I will would do if I sniff out a great deal and I have just enough for the down payment with the cash reserves from Property 1 included. Interesting! My limited impression was that the reserves was they just wanted to make sure I had enough to cover the payments in case I ran into road bumps.

It a decent chunk of cash, but it actually not as bad as it sounds for three reasons:

My gross rent on property 1(duplex) will be $1075 and I plan to fund the reserve account until it gets to $5 6k. After that, anything after PITI/repairs will go to the stockpile for Property 2 DP, along with any savings I have left over from my 9 to 5.

had an issue with a property manager where we didn get any rents on 3 of our properties for over 2 months (she collected rents but didn pay us), and if we hadn had emergency funds, it would have been very scary.

According to their rules, retirement accounts get counted at 60% of the balance towards cash reserves. We do keep a separate account with minimum 6 months of our own primary living expenses plus $10K extra funds designated for expensive maintenance (roof, HVAC, etc.), and then any extra in that account is designated for use towards future down payments. That account is in a completely separate bank from our regular checking/savings as I learned from experience that if it easy to access or transfer, it harder to keep it funded. In our regular savings account, we keep at least enough in savings to cover one full months mortgages for all properties should the worst happen and not one tenant pays. If we use any of the designated emergency funds, our first priority is re funding them immediately. We Roshe Run Squadron Blue

Roshe Run Navy And White

I use 6 mo PITI + 6 Months HOA + 6 mo of 20% gross rent per property (for repairs, maintenance, etc.).

My question is, how much money should we keep in reserve? We have been keeping about 6 months worth of personal expenses as a reserve, should we be looking at 3 6 months of expenses for each of our rentals too? 3 to 6 months of PITI only? Enough for a few months and a fund for big ticket maintenance items like a roof? My husband job is very secure and we have a decent retirement fund but we rather not borrow from that.

My personal formula is a little bit more conservative than 6 months PITI, but my down payment funding plan Nike Roshe Run Pink

5% of FMV use to be the standard too, many lenders consider that.

If an HVAC system blows probably one of the most expensive items that may be uninsured, consider the age and condition of properties and be prepaired to cover it. Your ability to borrow like credit cards can get you past an issue but eventually you need to be able to write a check for such issues.

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My lender(also fannie Mae guidelines) wants 6 months reserves on all properties(even primary residence) including the one being purchased. Thankfully my Roth IRA covers all this for now for probably up to property 3 or 4.

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Reserves are hard to peg, 6 months is the secondary market requirement on all, not necessairly with all banks. Small banks may not require reserves, we still have rural banks that don do secondary loans and the poor folks have no clue what some of the guidelines might be.

´╗┐How much cash to keep in reserve

payments but an amount deemed prudent for maintenance and occurrances. Now if any lender thought you have 6 months vacancy, they wouldn likely make the loan.

1) Banks just care about the 6 mo. PITI, they don care about the extra HOA and maintenance reserve I outlined above, so I don have to verify all that as seasoned funds.

It has not been our experience that the bank required any reserve to make a loan. As long as we had the 20% down, and a good history of making the other payments, they were more than ready to go forward. I confess to a weakness of spending what should be emergency reserves to buy new properties. It been such a fire sale the last few years it been hard to resist and since we don buy unless the property cash flows, it worked out ok. In the beginning, our salaries had to bail us out more than once.

Roshe Run Navy And White

Roshe Run Navy And White

Roshe Run Navy And White

Besides loan requirements, saying X dollars per property can be pegged, it depends on the area, material and labor costs, your market, age and condition of the properties and you ability to borrow on short notice, like from savings without penalties or other sources.

Ned, bet you got that from Larry post about garnishments (LOL) anyway, reserves are not looked at as to cover payments so much as all other expenses. They have collateral and are not concerned with tapping into your qualified savings, lender kinda figure that you have already gone through that before they get to foreclosure and it would only be at the tail end when seeking a deficiency judgment that a lender would start looking for your cash, the fact that the reserves can be touched by a judgment are irrelevant. :)

Another reserve in addition is the deductable on your insurance. Consider locations of properties, if properties are 2 blocks away a tornado can damage both, if they are 20 miles apart you can make adjustments.

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