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7 I have an inquiry in to a loan originator on these.

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Therefore, to determine the size of the Real Estate Investor industry, you have to look at both the Real Estate sector for the Roshe Run Liberty

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6. As of February 28, 2010, NAR membership is 1,068,746.

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10. Happy to help again if needed.

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The number I really care about (still) is the true number/range of real estate investors. From my research (census/National REIA interviews, etc.) I come up with a range somewhere around 20 million to 35 million.

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I looking to find updated data on a number of data points concerning real estate. If you got any interest in helping, I going to need to find numbers for the queries below, and Nike Roshe Mens Black And Red

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This information will prove to be VITAL in the growth of BiggerPockets, so I do hope you jump in and help.

they will need to be supported by some kind of reference.

9. My answer to 1 might be better suited to this question.

Hey guys. I working on something and was hoping that I could turn to the community for some help.

The IRS keeps a wide variety of statistics, but not necessarily to the granularity you are looking for. The Statistics by Form page includes statistics on the 140,040,871 returns in 2009. 6,210,424 claimed Rent and royalty net income and 5,762,870 claimed Rent and royalty net loss. So one high level "answer" is roughly 11.8M people "in the business" of rent and royalty "stuff". natural gas/software/invention royalties, tool rentals, etc.) so 11.8M represents the end

Let me know if you agree and if you have any further suggestions for getting to this answer.

From the Integrated Statistics on Income, the IRS provides 2008 Number of Returns, Business Receipts, Net Income, and Deficit by Form of Business, Sector tax year 2008 for Real Estate and Rental and Leasing. 3,416,908 total returns in 2008. Note this is multiple categories and is for all forms of rental and leasing (cars, furniture, tools, etc.) LLCs are 948,862 and sole proprietorships are 1,278,868. and I guess that many of these LLCs are real estate investing/investment centric.

´╗┐How Many Real Estate Investo

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I like to be able to narrow that down.

Upon researching this topic for my college paper, I had to find the NAICS Industry Classification Code for Real Estate Investors. I couldn find an NAICS code specifically labeled "Real Estate Investor". However, I found a SIC Industry Classification code of 67999905 Real Estate Investor. Cross referencing this to the NAICS code system it supposedly matches up to NAICS 523910 Miscellaneous Intermediation. It is interesting that this code is withing the "Finance and Insurance" sector of the IRS instead of the "Real Estate" sector.

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If I were to speculate a little and put the tables and numbers together: 250,000 full time REI, roughly 2M "investors", and 8M 10M "in the business" of real estate.

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landlords and the Finance and Insurance sector for the flippers and rehabbers.

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engaged full time in the real estate invesment sector.

From the Individual Income Tax Return (Form 1040) Statistics, IRS provides Table 2. Nonfarm Sole Proprietorships: Income Statements, by Industrial Sectors, Tax Year 2009. Column CC through CF give a hint that since 1,181,640 is the total in the Real estate Roshe Run Mid Top sector, and 882,367 are for Offices of real estate agents, brokers, property managers and appraisers, that the upper number is abut 300,000 maximum who are Nike Roshe Grey And White Womens

So, If I asked about the number of single family homes in the USA, I want to get that number (with the most recent data possible), and I want to know where you got the number from.

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