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The best option is to go directly to your Lender for a Loan Modification. Explain your hardship, and let them know you are ready to walk away.

Thanks so much Jake other posters for all your invaluable info on your short sale experiences. Hearing you overcome this tough situation is definitely an encouragement.

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Has anyone been through a short sale or know of someone who has who didn pay their mortgage during the process, can give some insight as to how badly their credit scores were affected? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I am sorry about your situation, my family lost their house in the real estate crash in the early 90 and I know how difficult it must be for you right now. Missing a payment alone will dock 100 Nike Roshe Run Black Anthracite W

points off your credit. The short sale itself will affect your credit by 80 100 points.

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Take the hit and keep your home.

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You need to be a month or two behind before they understand you are serious.

payment by the 31st (2 days. yikes :shock: !!) I will have my first hit on my credit report. Although I may be able to make my payment this month, it is highly unlikely I be able to continue to do so thereafter.

If you are deciding between a short sale versus Foreclosure, of course the short sale is going to be better, you can recover to buy another home within a few years, versus 10 years from just walking away.

With 11 Million homes moving towards foreclosure, banks are very willing to work things out with anyone willing to try.

´╗┐how bad is the credit hit from missing payments

I am a homeowner who has recently come into a very Roshe Run Hyperfuse Gold Trophy bad situation and must give up my home. :cry: I about to go throught the process of attempting to sell my home in a short sale. I guess I am considered one of the " lucky" ones since both my 1st 2nd mortgages are with one lender Chase. My biggest dilemma at this Nike Roshe Run Colors

I don claim to be an accountant or an attorney, which is who you should really talk to, but there are millions in the same situation as you right now.

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I haven paid my mortgage as of yet this month. If I don make Nike Roshe Run Calypso

moment is dealing with the fact of ruining my credit, which I have worked so hard to maintain for so long. I currently am at an 800 FICO score.

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For example, if you miss two payments, and complete the short sale you can expect a drop of about 280 300 points. Hope that answers your question, if you have any more questions regarding short sales, feel free to contact me.

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If after they lower your payments you still aren able to make the payments, you can always move forward with a Short Sale.

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