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Step I Finding Third Circle Investors

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This article will focus on the first step of Finding Third Party Capital Investors with the intent of helping you build a list of potential and prospective third party capital investors.

Filter Criteria:Once you have identified the areas then comes the step of picking filter categories. The categories if picked correctly will allow you to a build list that has a higher propensity of being interested in lending money to local real estate investment projects. This step where list building becomes more an art than a science as the filter categories are large and varied so pick yours wisely. cigars, wines, boats etc, would you be already investing in the stock Nike Roshe Run White With Black Swoosh

Disclaimer: You need to follow SEC rules on raising private money from third party investors. I found a good Biggerpocket Article that address the legal issues and provides tips on raising money from capital investors: How to Raise Money for your Real Estate Investment by Clint Coons, though more recently, there have been some changes following the Jobs Act Amendments to the Regulation D advertising rules. You can read more about those changes here: SEC Website

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A.) List Brokers:

The fear storm causes most real estate investors to feel overwhelmed with SEC, Securities Law, Blue Sky Rules, Meetings/Luncheons feel like waves of raising private money are crashing on top of them.

Two words that send quivers down most real estate investors spines. Now add to that the need to raise money from third party investors and you have the perfect storm.

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´╗┐How to Build Your List of Local Private Money Lenders

What document should you be researching? Some investors think it the deed rather, you will have to go through Mortgage Document records. You can do this research either from your home computer if your county is online or physically at the county recorders office. In the State of New Jersey, there is a website that lists which counties are online and which are not. you don want Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, Valley National etc. or a national servicing company like Ocwen, Saxons etc.) You simply want a no name LLC like 32 Main St LLC. The reason you want it to be either a personal name or a no name LLC is because these are private lending individuals/ firms that have already lent money in your state or investment area (Ankit Time Saving Tip: If you want capital investors that already know your investment area then search for mortgage records that is within your investment area as this makes it a easier to find capital investors that are more familiar with your area and there is no less hurdle to have them invest into your deal) and they will be more to lend more money in that area if you have a good deal.

market or other investment categories etc. What are you looking for? That is the first question I had when I started doing this. There are two subsequent question that arise from overall question of what are you looking for?

closet to your investment area.

My Article Disclosure: There is no magic directory or website that will supply you with ready, willing and able capital investors. Rather, raising money (like finding deals) is a blend of marketing andpersistence. This may change once the Jobs Act rules relating to Crowdfunding are released to the public and take effect (Check out this WSJ article for more information on that.) Until then I will Roshe Run Gray And Black show you an old school way.

than private lender records. However, this activity provides the best yielding list of capital investors in my personal opinion as these lenders have already done two things: (1) Lent money on local real estate investments and (2) lent money within your state or investment area.

I glanced over ideas on how to find private money lenders from the Third Party circle in my previous article Private Money Lenders: Who They Are How to Find Them. Now I want to provide more detailed and practical advice on how to find these investors.

Area: Decide which areas or cities that you want to target tocompilea list of prospective capital investors. This can be done in a variety of ways. You can pick your entire state as you target area or the cities Nike Roshe Run Purple Mens

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The first thing you need to do is to build a list of potential capital lendingprospectsinvestors. said than done, you must be thinking. Yes this is difficult but it is doable as I was able to do it so you can too (Trust me I am not necessarily the sharpest knife in the drawer). There are two ways to build this list in my experience:

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Alist brokeracts as an agent for those who wish to conductdirect marketingcampaigns via direct mail, email or telemarketing. List brokers provide lists that, minimally, contain a prospect name and contact information. Here are the steps you need to take to build a list of capital investors:

Building Your List of Private Money Lenders

The county record way of list building can be both time consuming and frustrating as it takes a long time to search through the records and you run into more dead ends Nike Roshe Run Kids Grey

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