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Jerry: have you looked at the sales data for your area? Do you know if they are buying there?

tens of millions of dollars (so we know they are buying in bulk), we have found about a dozen buyers over the past couple months who are desperate for property in our area. We sold to several of them (they very easy to deal with), and one of them has already bought multiple properties from us, and wants more.

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1. Search your County Recorder's website to find properties they have recently purchased

Sorry for the long ramble. To the original question I would recommend doing what J Scott said and consider any other way to make your self and your company or properties Nike Roshe Turquoise And Purple

For the last few, they seem to have some complex formulas.

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´╗┐How do I find and connect with He

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So, my best recommendation is to list the property on the MLS. If the deal is good and their are bulk buyers looking for properties in your area, they call you.

The first couple seemed be using the 1% rule almost exclusively. All they cared about was 1% and that the house had an attached garage.

Originally posted by K. Marie Poe:J Scott Thanks for the additional info. I may have underestimated rents in your area. Can your buyers get $1350 for a $135K house?

I have a 1996 3/2 in rehab that will be ready to list next week. It the price, type of unit and in an area where at least one of the funds I know has bought several others. I fully expecting at least one offer from a fund or out of area investor group. I would think it would be difficult to work with them directly. They need their agents and/or due diligence teams to do all the work vetting properties, so they may well have systems in place that prevent them from working with sellers, even if they could get a better deal by doing so.

There are plenty of distressed properties in my area that will rent for 1.5%+ after rehab, but the big guys don seem very interested in doing the work themselves.

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upscale than where we are.

Actually, they call your agent, which is another reason I recommend you get your real estate license no reason to risk your agent getting the contacts and not passing them on.

We getting ready to start renovations on House 39 (from my blog), and before we start, we going to have several of these bulk buyers give us an idea of what they pay for the house Roshe Run Girls Galaxy that will help us determine if we want to do a rental level renovation (and sell to one of them) or a retail renovation and just list it retail.

Do a "name" search of the funds you know are actively buying. You should be able to find the addresses or PIN numbers of the homes from the deeds.

visible to them.

I don have MLS access (other than the public one) and probably wouldn know how to use it if I did. This might not help you as it might not be relevant to data available in your area, but I look at the index of all the deeds transferring property each week. If I see a fund name or investor entity more than once, I look at all the records for their entity. I have access to data that tells me what they bought and how much they paid. I also look at buyer info for all nearby comps when buying or selling property and have done that for years. The repeat names start to show up there as well. This doesn work to identify buyers using separate land trust entities named after the properties, but the investor groups I watch all buy in LLC entities.

All just by listing the properties on the MLS. Most of these funds/buyers have local agents who represent them and look for deals for them.

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In our case, they seem to be finding us. Between actual hedge funds and groups of out of state investors who are providing POF of Nike Roshe Run Latest

Originally posted by Jerry Kisasonak:K. Marie Poe I haven pulled that data. Can you direct me how to do that? I have MLS access, but not sure exactly how to pull it.

They routinely (meaning several times per year) sell houses in the $120 160K range that will generate 1%+ in rent. Though two have been in our area sold for $95K and $115K so those big guys are buying in the lower price range as well.

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Roshe Run Girls Galaxy

Should be interesting to see where the numbers come in. I will tell you that there seems to be very little rhyme and very little reason to some of the purchasing formulas, methods or long term plans with some of the funds we are aware of in our areas. We have so far not needed to sell to any Hedge funds and those we met with have recognized that we are not a good fit mostly because our long term plan does not fit their long term plan. We have also seen several change their strategies after operating in our market for about 6 9 months and it is our belief that they are changing because they are not making money on the properties they originally purchased due to poor oversight on repairs, lack of repairs (deferring maintenance) and poor management.

And all properties were turn key, so I don believe they had repairs factored into their numbers.

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Roshe Run Girls Galaxy

Here are some methods I have used to find and connect with the funds buying in my area, Chicago:

Some of the major funds buying right now include: Blackstone (aka THR, aka Invitation Homes), American Homes 4 Rent (AH4R), Colony Capital, Waypoint Capital, etc.

All of the deals we sold to these big guys have been houses owned by two other investors we have two good investor friends that we stage, list and sell all their houses for them, but they often buy in areas that are more Nike Roshe Runners Black And White

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