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The debate over whether Wood's execution was botched has played out in the international media, and called into question whether lethal injection will remain a viable form of capital punishment.

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Baich countered that the department was making foregone conclusions that the execution was not botched.

Wood's lawyers say that the number of doses is further proof that the execution was botched. The Department of Corrections says the logs show Woods was Roshes Women White

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Friday's press release also revealed that the execution team included a licensed medical doctor, a detail that the Corrections Department had refused to provide before the execution.

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PHOENIX It was supposed to take just 50 milligrams each of the drugs midazolam and hydromorphone to kill Arizona death row inmate Joseph Wood.

According to the Department Of Corrections statement, Ryan has initiated an independent review of the execution.

the nearly two hour execution and felt no pain.

Zick said, however, that the review would consider the time question as well as the effectiveness of the protocol.

So instead of 50 milligrams of each drug, Wood was injected with 750 milligrams of each drug in injections that were administered in about three to 10 minute intervals.

But the execution did not go as planned. Instead of the usual 10 minutes or so that it takes for death by lethal injection, Wood took nearly two hours to die and gulped for air with a loud snoring sound for an Roshe Run Men Black And Grey

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sedated throughout Nike Roshe Run On Feet Women

But during his execution July 23, Wood was injected with 15 doses over a two hour period before he was finally pronounced dead, according to official logs of the execution that were released Friday.

But the major question in the motion for stay of execution was the drug midazolam, which has been part of three other executions since last October in which the dying inmates seemed to gasp for air and take longer to die than with other drugs used in lethal injection. During one execution in Oklahoma in April, the prisoner writhed and agonized before dying of a heart attack.

hour and a half of that time.

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"The records provided today show that Director (Charles) Ryan, continually conferred with the IV team, and directed additional Midazolam and Hydromorphone to be administered ensuring the inmate remained deeply sedated throughout the process, and did not endure pain," according to an official statement issued by the Corrections Department.

His attorneys had filed motions for injunctions because the Corrections Department would not reveal information about Roshe Run For Girls Blue where it obtained its supply of midazolam and hydromorphone or about the executioners' medical qualifications.

Wood, 55, was sentenced to death twice for the 1989 murders of his estranged girlfriend, Debra Dietz, and her father, Eugene, in Tucson.

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´╗┐hour execution required 15 injections

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Wood's attorney, Dale Baich, called the statement "an acknowledgment that the protocol did not work as designed, and it was a failed experiment."

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"I am committed to a thorough, transparent and comprehensive review process," he is quoted as saying in the press release. Assistant Arizona Attorney General Jeff Zick said that Ryan has "got a legal duty to carry out an execution, but there's no time limit set out for the execution."

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