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It makes web apps (that work with any platform) slower, while native apps are not penalized. /s

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iCab and all other "browsers" on iOS are skins round the built in webkit. Same for Mozilla. What they have released is Opera Mini which displays pages rendered by what is effectively a server side browser.

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and can't control web apps that are outside Roshe Run Floral the App Store. They can control what goes into the App Store. Preventing web apps from performing on par with native apps will discourage development outside their controlled app store. I'm not saying that Apple Orange Nike Roshes

cookiecaper 1264 days ago link

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paxswill 1264 days ago link

ZeroGravitas 1264 days ago link

Right, and does Apple allow alternate web browsers? Last I knew they disapproved anything that competed with an iPhone built in app, like Google Voice, which duplicated phone functionality.

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yaix 1264 days ago link

took a long time to approve Opera, but they finally did:ZeroGravitas 1263 days ago link

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jankassens 1264 days ago link

´╗┐How does making app store apps slower increase apple

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Yep. A couple I know off the top of my head are iCab and Opera.

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Their mobile browser is called Opera Mobile, Opera Mini is something slightly different from a browser, for example it doesn't execute client side javascript.

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jrockway 1264 days ago link

Does Apple really want "native apps" that are really wrappers around web content they don't control?

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jeremychone 1262 days ago link

is doing this, just that the conspiracy theory does make sense and even has prior art (see Microsoft and IE6)

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Well, not really. Apple doesn't Nike Roshe Run Leopard

web apps on home page and apps wrapped web components which still use html, js etc are punished. so it is not a conspiracy, it is a bug but if it is intentional by apple; it is a faux pas. welcome to ie6 in ios; intentional punishment of web apps to cut itunes cannibalization. .

That sort of app would be called a "web browser".

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