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15. Is the property vacant or occupied?

Would love to know what you guys have experienced. Any help would be appreciated Nike Roshe Womens Shoes

´╗┐How Do You Screen Which Sellers To Spend Your Time On

By taking the time to bond and rapport with the seller will help me tremendously to solve their problem (pain). People will sell their house to someone who cares about them.

I try to not over qualify my leads. I have a saying, don know, if you don go", I have learned that if I am only going to chase the house, I will have a tough time buying anything. When I arrive on the appointment, I am not interested in looking at the house. I spend at least 15 minutes sitting down with the seller and try to understand their "pain". Then I look at the house.

I have also learned that people do not tell you the truth when they call. The are embarrassed and ashamed and only after you gain their respect will they open up to you.

6. Year built ______

4. Number of full baths _____

I agree with the above posts. Get to know your market, but in reference to what questions to ask, a typical evaluation sheet would look like this.

13. What is the monthly rent you need if we were to lease the property ?

18. What is the mortgage balance?

19. What is your monthly payment?

21. Do you need Nike Roshe Womens Shoes 2018 all cash or could you have someone take over your monthly payments?

8. Number of levels (always ask if they are including the basement in this number)

5. Number of half baths ______

1. Why are you trying to sell this property?

Nike Roshe Womens Shoes 2018

14. How much money do you need for the property?

16. What is your email address?

Nike Roshe Womens Shoes 2018

Once sellers start calling you, how do you filter out which ones you willing to spend time making offers to or meeting with in order to view their properties and making appropriate offers? What key questions do you ask to know if you going to be able to get it at a price you want? I would love to meet all Roshes Women Black And White

Nike Roshe Womens Shoes 2018

20. Are you behind on payments?

What I usually do is not take the initial callback and on the voicemail figure out who it is so I can research the property. If Nike Roshe Run Junior Size 5 Black

11. What updates or upgrades have been made to the home within the last 5 years?

10. What repairs need to be made to make it ready for a new homeowner?

Nike Roshe Womens Shoes 2018

3. Number of bedrooms _____

Nike Roshe Womens Shoes 2018

sellers to figure out a way to patch together a deal, but theres got to be a more efficient way.

If it a flip, of course I need to buy it low enough to make a 20% minimum profit, but if it a buy and hold and the seller is going to finance it with maybe 10% down, sure I pay a better price.

thank you!

9. Is there a garage? For how many cars? Is it attached or detached from the house? If there is no garage where do they park their car (carport? Street? Driveway? Assigned in parking lot?)

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they don hang up on me or laugh I have something to work with. If they do, just saved me a bunch of time. At the beginning of the call I talk about the condition of the house and why they are selling to break the ice and get them to chill out a bit.

Nike Roshe Womens Shoes 2018

7. Basement? Is it finished? Is it a walk out?

I am about to send out a little over 600 letters to sellers with at least 40% equity in their homes in certain areas of my city to make them offers so that I can buy and flip or buy and hold w/ terms.

Nike Roshe Womens Shoes 2018

Nike Roshe Womens Shoes 2018

Nike Roshe Womens Shoes 2018

17. What is a good call back number?

2. Address (also ask for a subdivision name if applicable)

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