Nike Roshe Womens Black And Gold

Nike Roshe Womens Black And Gold

The symptoms went away as suddenly as they had occurred, as is typical with the relapsing remitting type she has been found to suffer from.

"When the neurologist told me I needed a brain scan, I was horrified; I was thinking worst case scenario; maybe a brain tumour."

When he mentioned the possibility I'd got repetitive strain injury RSI from typing I convinced myself that was what the problem was. At 20, I didn't even want to think about the prospect of it being anything serious; I had too much living to do. I was a student, finishing my degree; I wanted to get my career started. So I blocked all other thoughts out."

"I told myself, and everyone I knew, that I didn't have MS. I was convinced. Though looking back, I realise I was in denial. It sounded like a horrible, horrible disease that was going to ruin my life who would want to accept that?"

When the symptoms went away, Sapphire convinced herself she had been right. But three years later, another bout of illness brought her to her knees. On a family birthday dinner at a posh restaurant, she virtually collapsed.

Nike Roshe Womens Black And Gold

Nike Roshe Womens Black And Gold

Nike Roshe Womens Black And Gold

Sapphire had taken a casserole out of the oven and its intense heat had burned straight through the oven glove without her realising."It was weird and quite scary, so I went to the doctor.

However, when a gastric enterologist could find nothing wrong, he sent her to Nike Roshe Women Tumblr Grey

If there is anything that daunts Sapphire Wheeler, it certainly is not jumping from a plane at 15,000 feet. Nor is it the incurable illness Multiple Sclerosis, which has done its best to bring her down since she was just 20.

"It's not getting the better of me," she says. "Not ever."

have thought I was drunk," she recalls. "But the symptoms went on for weeks and the suspicion was that I had some sort of stomach problem."

Nike Roshe Womens Black And Gold

Only appointment cards which kept arriving from MS nurses at Barnsley District General reminded her there was anything wrong.

She has no wheelchair or stick, though Nike Roshe Womens Black And Gold the former ballet dancer who prided herself on her perfect balance readily admits she can't stand up to put her shoes on any more. Sapphire, it has to be said, looks as normal and as healthy as you and I.

Nike Roshe Womens Black And Gold

´╗┐How I stay positive coping with MS

Attacks are now happening more frequently roughly every six months. The ones that have affected her face have terrified her.

But the neurologist was testing for his biggest suspicion, multiple sclerosis, which commonly affects young women and starts to display Roshe Run Anthracite Crystal Mint

Nike Roshe Womens Black And Gold

"I was overcome with sickness and dizziness. People must Nike Roshe Jacquard Women's

its symptoms while they are in their twenties.

Nike Roshe Womens Black And Gold

Nike Roshe Womens Black And Gold

a neurologist.

"I remember realising that one side of my body had gone numb and that my fingers were tingling constantly. I couldn't feel hot or cold, but I didn't know that until I saw red burn marks on my hand and wondered what I'd done."

Nike Roshe Womens Black And Gold

"I was getting quite alarmed I was so ill and it all seemed such a mystery," she admits.

She shakes her head now at the memory. "I was in denial. What I didn't know was that my MS was following a pattern, a cycle. And three years from the last attack, I had a really terrifying one."

But that attack was a major turning point. "I finally had to accept my illness," she says. "I realised that I needed all the treatment I could so my life could continue the way I wanted it to.

"I was angry that they wouldn't leave me alone. At one of the appointments I burst into tears and told them to take me off their books. I shouted at them: "I do not have MS. I'm fed up of you lot trying to make out that I do." "

"Ah, but you can't tell that my abdomen is completely numb down one side at the moment, can you?" she laughs. "That's the thing with MS; you probably walk past umpteen people in the street every day who have it, and you simply never know."

The bran scan came back with a positive result, as did an optical nerve test. But a lumbar puncture came back with a negative. Instead of going with the majority verdict, the girl who always chooses to look on the bright side decided to pin her hope on the lone runner.

She has lived for six years with the still perplexing disease there is yet no cure for; she was just 20 when it first struck.

Nike Roshe Womens Black And Gold

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