Nike Roshe Women Tumblr

Nike Roshe Women Tumblr

ordeal was just beginning.

Nike Roshe Women Tumblr

On Oct. 17, four people including two children headed out from Madisonville for a fishing trip on Lake Pontchartrain. Rough waves caused the boat to capsize. Nine hours later, rescuers found the two children and a 40 year old man alive but for 74 year old Carl Shaffer, his Nike Roshe For Girls Black

His first question to his rescuers: what happened to the other boaters?

"It was nothing I had seen before the night was over," Shaffer said, during an exclusive interview with Eyewitness News. "Like a fish cork bobbing up and down out there."

Shaffer believes his faith, his will to live and his life vest kept him alive.

´╗┐hope while waiting nearly 24 hours in water

Eventually, the sun rose. It was a sight Shaffer said he wasn't sure Nike Roshe Women Tumblr he would see again. Then, later that morning, nearly 24 hours after the boat capsized, Shaffer spotted a St. Tammany Sheriff's boat in the water. He began waving his arms.

Yet, the surprising news didn't end with his rescue.

"Everyone said, 'Oh, you didn't see no dolphins in the lake.' And I said, 'Yes, I did.' They kept circling around me. And at first, I thought it was sharks and I said, 'Lord, looky here.'

"I was sure glad to see them. I'll never say Roshe Run Nm Fb

Nike Roshe Women Tumblr

a bad thing about the Sheriff's Nike Roshe Run Grey Blue

"I rode my unicycle all night long, just trying to stay warm, you know," he said. "Felt like I was freezing my butt off."

Nike Roshe Women Tumblr

Shaffer's loved ones said his rescue, and that of everyone on the boat, was nothing short of miraculous.

Nike Roshe Women Tumblr

Nike Roshe Women Tumblr

hoped they weren't planning on having a fat boy for supper," he said.

Nike Roshe Women Tumblr

MADISONVILLE, La. It was a story that nearly ended in tragedy.

"I heard them. They had their light right on me and everything, and they just go right on by," he said. the search was called off for the night. Shaffer said what he experienced next were literally the darkest hours of his life. He said, at one point, he noticed two dolphins swimming around him.

"We didn't lose anything or anyone," said Christy Sheridan. "We don't know what we would've done if something had happened to Carlie. It really would've been devastating. Really devastating."

Department again," he said with a laugh.

After the boat capsized, Shaffer became separated from the rest of the boaters. Alone and cold, with a life vest tied around him, he floated in Lake Pontchartrain. He saw boats and planes out looking for him, but unable to see him.

"I thought it was the last of miracles," Shaffer said. "But then, on the second or third day I was here [in the hospital], I got a phone call from a lady in Madisonville."

Nike Roshe Women Tumblr

They told him everyone was fine.

Shaffer took them off during the ordeal because they were weighing him down. His wallet and keys were still inside: the last of his possessions rescued out of the lake, but not nearly as important as the rescued person they belong to.

Turns out, a crab trapper had found something of Shaffer's that he thought he had lost for good: his pants.

Nike Roshe Women Tumblr

Nike Roshe Women Tumblr

"That made me so happy," Shaffer said.

Nike Roshe Women Tumblr

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