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Alternatively, that's 10,000 opportunities to get a leg up on the competition, one graceful turn at a time.

It's been nearly six months and about 10,000 corners since that pep talk. That's 10,000 chances to crash, make enemies, lose position, and waste energy.

This seems to be the battle cry of nervous newbies everywhere, and I'll admit it took me a few Category 5 races to understand the message behind all the shouting. To "hold your line" is to follow a consistent trajectory through a turn, as opposed to getting halfway into it and then suddenly Nike Roshe Run All Black Womens

You could be as fit as superman, but if you're bad at turning, each corner is a dose of kryptonite. Even that colorful costume won't protect you.

Holding your line also means leaving enough space for nearby riders through each turn. For example, if one rider is next to you on the outside as you enter a corner, then it would be bad etiquette and unsafe to take a line that doesn't leave a one rider space next to you throughout the entire turn.

In events with multiple laps, such as circuit races or criteriums, pay attention to how riders negotiate and perhaps fail to maximize the same corner on every lap. Sometimes a group will leave a portion of road open on every pass. You can use these patches of road to your advantage, if you pay attention to how other riders Nike Roshe Run Hyperfuse

´╗┐How to Corner in a Bicycle Race

Nike Roshe Run Women Purple And Pink

As you approach each corner, focus on the exit of the turn; your bike will naturally go wherever you look, and you'll calibrate your speed accordingly. If you think ahead, it's easy to get your braking and down shifting done early, before you start turning.

But a problem arises when someone sees an opportunity to pass others by accelerating straight to the inside edge of the corner even if this means interrupting the flow of the group. This maneuver is not only dangerous but it's also an inefficient way to go around a turn.

moving right or left.

Nike Roshe Run Women Purple And Pink

Nike Roshe Run Women Purple And Pink

As riders approach a high speed corner, they "set up" on the outside of the road, slow to a manageable speed, and swing through the turn in unison, passing by the inside edge of the corner at the apex of the turn.

Nike Roshe Run Women Purple And Pink

Nike Roshe Run Women Purple And Pink

don't use them.

The rule of thumb: It's OK to pass other riders in the approach to a turn, if you get your spot in line before the group starts turning. It's not OK to force your way in from the side during mid swing. In other words, don't interrupt other riders' progress through a turn once they enter it.

A reliable way to gauge how fast you can take a turn is to observe what's going on up the road. If riders ahead survive the corner at a given speed, then you probably will, too, as long as your tires are OK and you don't squeeze the brakes.

Nike Roshe Run Women Purple And Pink

Nike Roshe Run Women Purple And Pink

Nike Roshe Run Women Purple And Pink

corners should be an even greater priority than taking a short line and not getting passed by other riders.

If riders at the front of your group take a corner single file, keep your speed up and plan on barreling through as fast as possible. But if you see a traffic jam ahead, stop pedaling (wasting energy) early and prepare to jostle your way through a crowd.

Here are six tips for negotiating crowded turns:

Nike Roshe Run Women Purple And Pink

Nike Roshe Run Women Purple And Pink

The best way to save energy in a group is to carry more speed through corners than your competition. Higher exit speed means less acceleration out of a corner, and less energy wasted in the process. Carrying speed Nike Roshe Run Women Purple And Pink through Nike Roshe Kids Black


In the final moments of a race, maintaining position relative to your competitors becomes more important than saving energy in corners. If two riders compete for the same stretch of road, the inside rider always has an advantage.

Take the inside line to protect position.

Nike Roshe Run Women Purple And Pink

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