Nike Roshe Run Women Black And Pink

dkokelley 684 days ago link

Nike Roshe Run Women Black And Pink

´╗┐How to beat comment Nike Roshe Run Women Black And Pink spam

Some blog platforms whitelist comments from people who have had previous comments approved. I'm pretty sure these meaningless (but positive) comments are an attempt to get on that list.

Nike Roshe Run Women Black And Pink

Nike Roshe Run Women Black And Pink

Nike Roshe Run Women Black And Pink

Nike Roshe Run Women Black And Pink

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Nike Roshe Run Women Black And Pink

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yes. also some platforms (mostly forums, less of blogs) allow editing of posts, so forum spammers sometimes post meaningless crap only to replace it later with spam.

I would guess that the transposed letters are used to keep tabs on where their comments are live. It could look innocent, as if it were a human typo, but later the spammers could run a search and see which sites are trusting their comments in order to either edit them later or use their trusted account to post spam links.

They'll also post bogus comments that are somewhat related to your article but sneak in a fishy URL in there. We had many false positive reports that were actually real spam. It's just really hard to detect by a human. The number of human spammer keeps increasing. When I left last year, it was becoming a huge problem. Where speed is most important than accuracy spammer won't use the "Heavy" bots.

ryanwanger 684 days ago link

remove commenting altogether, we realized that it was a huge problem without a good solution, so we knew we had to do something about it.

eli 684 days ago link

platforms, not websites. So if your website runs Wordpress, you're much more likely to be spammed hard than if you custom built a comment form.

eli 684 days ago link

It depends. I can tell you from experience that even a medium sized website that ranks well on (legitimate) pharmaceutical terms is a huge target for spammers.

We should be able to detect that by looking for large numbers of posts with small edit distances. That will contain false positives, but looking for very large numbers should mitigate that.

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A real spammer will take any link, it doesn't matter if the link won't be considered as some form of endorsement by search engines due to the use of the rel=nofollow attribute. A spammer will happily post a million links, there will be some poor souls out there and click on some of them. Your removing the one thing of value for them, a hyperlink. I'm a big fan of accessibility and this works well with it. The only other technique we use is honeypot form fields which do catch a fair few, but nowadays a lot of spam I suspect is paid human spam.

I thought that Nike Roshe Run New

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Nike Roshe Run Women Black And Pink

I wonder if eventually people will just stop allowing hyperlinks in comments altogether. We were working on something else spam related and when we noticed that big bloggers were fed up with existing anti spam solutions (false negatives/positives) and were about to just Roshe Run Maroon Price

Nike Roshe Run Women Black And Pink

Blocking any spam that contains a link is helpful, for sure, but doesn't get everything. Every few months I see waves of comments like: "Really graet article. We need more people like you in the world."Each comment has exactly one pair of transposed letters. There is no product being pitched, and no url (we don't display or link to email address either). It's baffling.

Nike Roshe Run Women Black And Pink

Actually, the sophisticated bots typically target Nike Roshe Junior

would happen as more people added rel=nofollow to links in comments. hasn't happened yet though.

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Nike Roshe Run Women Black And Pink

Nike Roshe Run Women Black And Pink

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