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´╗┐How long after paternity is established do you go to court for custody

established paternity but the child is now 15 If paternity was just established on a 15 year old child, can i sue for any child support.

We are not married. paternity is established. baby i moved out 1yr+. he filed for custody/child support, what will happen paternity is established. i have moved out once before when she was 7weeks. we have tried.

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Temporary custody order for unmarried parents? My daughter has lived with me for 4 years. her father and i were never married, but we

What rights do i have as an unmarried father whose child is in foster care. paternity has not yet been established. The child is going to be adopted after the mother rights are terminated. the state.

Be aware that in a custody case, especially if you file for full custody, you need all the ammunition you can bring to court to prove the other parent unfit. If you are trying for joint custody, you will probably have no problem, unless there are blatant reasons the other party can prove as to why you should not share custody. Be sure to get as specific as possible in the court order, such as what days you have the child, etc. That way there will be no confusion down the road, and nothing left to one party discretion.

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Just for future reference, if you are awarded joint or shared custody, the other parent cannot deny you visitation or your usual custody arrangements if you should fall behind on child support payments. One thing legally has nothing to do with the other, but some people believe they do.

You just have to go, if you are representing yourself which isn the best thing to do, and tell the court clerks you have this evidence, and have your case number and copies of your previous court papers that were filed.

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I don know of any reason why there would be a mandatory waiting period to go back into court with this new definite evidence the court has been waiting for.

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Usually, it the bigger the city, the longer the wait, I would think.

If the issue of custody is already part of the case, when the court will get to it is probably up in the air. It really depends on a number of factors, including what else is on the court docket, how far along the parties are in exploring parental assets, etc. Hopefully the court provided some type of scheduling order that gives an indication of when the custody issue is likely to go before the judge. Regardless, preparing to hire legal counsel is a prudent move under such circumstances. 38 1131 confirms the existing de facto custody of the parties minor child with the petitioner, MOTHERS NAME, subject to further order of the court. This. My brother has been in her life from day one and now her supposedly bio dad wants her. There has never been.

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I currently have full custody and he has never even seen her or has attempted to see her. He lives in florida and when he has been in wi and i have Nike Roshe Run Black Anthracite Cool Grey

I live in IL and I send my daughter back frequently to MN to see her dad. We were never married and only have a court order for child support. For the most part we have gotten along, but in light of some things.

asked him if he wanted to see her he has said he is too busy but he can spend his time sittin Nike Roshe Run White Trainers in a bar. The county has gotten ahold of me since I have public county assitance so they are going after him for child support.

If the paternity test was part of a court case, for instance, if the other parent asked the court to order a paternity test, it depends on what else was part of the case. Was that case filed to request child support, etc. In that case, there should already be a hearing scheduled for that matter. You can ask a lawyer Nike Roshe Run Mens Navy Blue

You can file for custody any time you want.

They should be able to help you out and Roshe Men Green

tell you an approximate date for a hearing.

Nike Roshe Run White Trainers

Nike Roshe Run White Trainers

I have a 4 year old daughter out of wedlock the mother never allowed me to visit with the child. i am starting court proceedi. I am starting court proceeding to establish paternity, establish support payments and visitation.

Nike Roshe Run White Trainers

Nike Roshe Run White Trainers

Nike Roshe Run White Trainers

If you are talking about filing for custody, you can do that at any time. There is no waiting period in terms of filing for custody after an adjudication of paternity.

to see if he can get your custody matter heard at the same time, as part of the previous case, depending on your state laws for that.

Nike Roshe Run White Trainers

Are you asking how long do you have to wait to file for custody, or how long will it now be before the court addresses the custody issue?

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