Nike Roshe Run White On Feet

Nike Roshe Run White On Feet

Nike Roshe Run White On Feet

Nike Roshe Run White On Feet

"I was so excited, because she's my role model. She's so pretty and adventurous and I hope I'm like her when I grow up."

"I was crying because she is my favourite character on Doctor Who, Nike Roshe Run Buy Online

"But she made Nike Roshe Run White On Feet me very upset because we had to queue for a long time."

Nike Roshe Run White On Feet

"I was really upset because she is my favourite star, and lots of us wanted to see her.

Billie's publicist, Emma Knight from Hodder and Stoughton, apologised to those who were turned away.

Nike Roshe Run White On Feet

But the Holy Rood infant school pupil was left in tears when Piper ended the signing session. She said: "I'm not very happy at all.

She said: "Billie feels really bad that some people were turned away.

Grace's father Derek was unhappy that the promoters did not tell people when the signing would end.

and it wasn't nice to leave with people waiting.

they would not be able to see the Swindon star.

Ella had been staying with her grandmother when she heard that her heroine was in town.

Hundreds of people queued outside the store from 3pm, but many were turned away.

Nike Roshe Run White On Feet

"I think she has let the town down and should come back to see the people that were left outside at Asda."

which is much more than we expected.

go away.

Her dad was so disgusted at the way people were brushed aside that he marched up to the supermarket's customer service desk and demanded a refund for the copy of Billie's autobiography he hadBillie, 24, was at the Orbital shopping centre on Tuesday to sign copies of her book Growing Pains.

THE backlash from Billie Piper's visit to her hometown continued as young fans were left disappointed after missing the chance to see the star.

Grace says she will carry on watching Doctor Who, but only because Billie means so much to her. She said: "I don't want to stop watching her because it's a really good show.

"I took a day off work to take Grace to see her, and they turned away people who had been there for hours. It should have been made clear earlier that we weren't going to be able to see her."

Grace found out that Billie was coming to town last weekend, and even drew her a welcome picture.

Nike Roshe Run White On Feet

"It's really unfortunate but we estimate 1,000 people turned up, Roshe Run For Girls Black

The 36 year old Honda worker said: "There was no indication of how long she was going to stay, it just said she started at 5pm.

Nike Roshe Run White On Feet

Nike Roshe Run White On Feet

But excitement turned to anger when publicity staff told the waiting crowd that Roshe Run Ld 1000 Qs

"I drew her a picture of a Dalek and a Cyberman, and signed it on the back. It said, from Grace to Rose Tyler real name Billie'."

´╗┐how can you treat us like this

Nike Roshe Run White On Feet

The upset caused after hundreds were turned away empty handed at the book signing session at Asda Wal Mart, has left nine year old Ella Barrone with one question for the Doctor Who actress: "This

She said: "I got back home and my mum said Billie's going to be signing her book and we can go and see her'.

Ella said: "We queued for two and a half hours. At first it was nice but then it got really dark. My legs were aching because I had been standing with my mum for so long, and then they told us to

Nike Roshe Run White On Feet

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