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as for my setup i have the front 3 fans as intake and a 360mm radiator on the top with 3X 38mm fans also as an intake

I have all the components (to be listed shortly) that I want to put in for the time being. My question is how to get a decent, expandable cooling setup that will last. Ideally, that will last even past the MB, which seems like it should be possible since I liquid cool the CPU. In the past, I've kinda half assed it and that has kind of bitten me in the ass, although I've been getting slowly through the years.

Okay. To restate the question, how to I cool this monster. The 900D was serious overkill; I liked my 650D because I could get my hands in it, and if some is good, more must be better, right? but it isn't the crux of the issue. The issue is I don't really understand what I'm doing. Where do I want static pressure? Where do I want airflow? how much? (for that matter, why do I want one or the other)? For that matter, is there a good guide on here for the clueless? I was in laptops from 2001 2008 and I really don't feel I've ever caught up.

case at the bottom and on the bottom of the case at the front. Exhaust fans would be mounted at the top of the case and on the back of the case at the top. In the case of liquid cooling, Nike Roshe Run Ld

The general suggestion is to bring cool air in the from the bottom and exhaust it out of the top. For positive pressure, make sure that there is more intake than exhaust.

Nike Roshe Run White Black

Because everything is running at stock and you have a very large case, cooling shouldn't be an issue and you should be fine with the fans that came with the case.

Nike Roshe Run White Black

there are many options with this case as far as fans go and just about anything will do especially if you are running stock, i am running a 6 core 3930k at 5.0ghz in mine and everything is running nice and cool

i have the 900D and i can tell you its a great case best i have ever seen/owned

used with heatsinks.

Static pressure fans are meant to be Nike Roshe Run Slip On Gpx

Nike Roshe Run White Black

Nike Roshe Run White Black

Nike Roshe Run White Black

Nike Roshe Run White Black

This generally means mounting intake fans on the front of the Nike Roshe Run Womens Review

Nike Roshe Run White Black

i think as long as you have more intake compared to exhaust you will be fine with just about Nike Roshe Run White Black any setup

i have 7 hard drives and 2 ssd's all in the bottom area (instead of at the front)

Nike Roshe Run White Black

just about any fan setup will do as long as you have the majority of the fans as intake and imo just having the rear fan as exhaust will do, i used to have more fans in it along the bottom section but they wasnt needed and just added more noise so i removed them (none of the temps changed noticeably)

Nike Roshe Run White Black

a radiator would be mounted on the top.

´╗┐How does proper cooling work as for 900D high end build

the rear fan i have as exhaust

A probably irrelevant quick note: I started putting this together last summer, and then sundry health issues intervened and I haven't had a chance to get back to it since that time; so if the parts choices seem odd for a 2014, well now you know. The suggestion that I am pointing all this out so that people don't accuse me of having a porn habit of frighting proportions is a foul accuracy.

Nike Roshe Run White Black

Nike Roshe Run White Black

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