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any and all termiteclearances and reports and any Roshe Women

or they just ignore it and you get a default judgement. the more reasonable your request (like, just deposit and legal fees), the more likely they are to ignore. then it just comes down to whether they were properly served.

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr Girl

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr Girl

deposit is straight forward, unrelated to water bills, well supported by the contract,and not particularly interesting.

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr Girl

taking BofA to small claims court takes time, but itis not hard.

Personally, I don't think you are a victim of BofA's bureaucracy.

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr Girl

Btw, in my state, CA, utility bills are the responsibility of the account customer. So, if I buy a property with a tenant who did not pay the bill, I squawk the utility company and quote the Cal Public Utility Code that defines who is responsible. It may take a few back and forth triesbut I prevail in the end. If the bank maintains the position they held yesterday, I willseek to get mydeposit back through small claims court. They have violated other parts of the purchase agreement. The legal argument for returning my Roshe Run Green

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr Girl

the trick is to properly serve them. when it is not a lot of money and you have a reasonable legal position, Nike Roshe Run Tumblr Girl as i do, they settle.

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr Girl

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr Girl

(c) BUYER'S EXPENSES. Notwithstanding state or local customALL COSTS, TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT,TRANSFER, DOCUMENTATION AND OTHER FEES, EXPENSES, TAXES, CHARGES,ASSESSMENTS, DUES, AND ALL OTHER FINANCIAL PAYMENT TO BE MADE INCONNECTION WITH THE PURCHASE AND SALE OF THE PROPERTY ASCONTEMPLATED BY THIS AGREEMENT, WHETHER PAST DUE, CURRENTLY DUEOR DELINQUENT, INCLUDING ANY INTEREST OR PENALTIES THAT MAY ACCRUEWITH RESPECT TO THE FOREGOING, SHALL, IN ADDITION TO THE TOTALPURCHASE PRICE BE BORNE AND PAID BY THE BUYER, AND BUYER AGREES TODEPOSIT ALL SUCH AMOUNTS WITH CLOSING AGENT SUFFICIENTLY INADVANCE OF CLOSING TO ALLOW CLOSING AGENT TO MAKE SUCHPAYMENTSON BUYER'S BEHALF FROM FUNDS DEPOSITED BY BUYER; these items shall include,but are not limited to, transaction management fees, all current, past due and delinquent propertytaxes, costs of credit reports, appraisals, loan fees, loan points, other leverage costs, titleinsurance, title insurance charges, Closing fees, tax service fees, recordation fees for the deed,and any mortgage or deed of trust, any documentary transfer tax, real property transfer taxes ordeed tax that may be imposed by the State, County and/or City in which the Property is located,common interest community/unit owner's/condominium/homeowner's association maintenanceor membership fees and/or assessments, if any, Closing costs, and all other costs and expenses,including any cost, expense or tax imposed by any state or local entity not otherwise addressedherein. Further, if desired by Buyer or required by Buyer's lender, the cost of Roshe Run Style

I post the section of the contract below. The purchase agreement is attached.

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr Girl

inspections required by any lender, and/or repairs recommendedor required by any termite and/or property inspection report including, but not limited to, anyroof certifications shall all be at the sole cost and expense of Buyer.

It may not be possible to bid with unilateral conditions, which is what I think you were attempting to do.

If the bank sticks to their current position, I don't have the option of paying the water bill and keeping the house. At the closing, I repeated the terms of my offer and my understandingof the contract. They cancelled the contract without responding saying I was in violation of the contract. Like i said it was one of the weirder "dialogues" I've been part of. There's something else going on. My lawyer and the title company feel the bank is at fault. In the back of my mind, I wonder if they have local custom mixed up with the law. I am pushing them on this point. But I think they have a larger legal issue with this addendum and context of this paragraph.

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr Girl

´╗┐How do I serve the Bank of America

I agree that this is an ambiguous point. If I sue them for my deposit, its going to be based on violations of other aspects of the agreement.

However, I don't believe that the bank should summarily cancel the agreement at closing because I raise thisissue. I asked for time to discuss this further with the title company and lawyer. I haven't gotten a response.

I ambeing asked to pay for things that should have been resolved by the bank in the foreclosure process not costs related to the risks of purchasing an occupied home. The water bill was incurred prior to foreclosure.

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr Girl

The bigger lesson is the education that you're getting from the experience and whether (or not) you really want to get into solution mode.

I am happy to share my story with people if they are interested, but I am not particularly upset about it. As you say, you push an issue andthings go one way or another. It is a good deal, butsimilar to other opportunities I have available. I pushed this issue with the bank because I don't really care about the outcome. I was more interested in what I would learn about the process.

The issue is that, in NM, the Bank is supposed to take care of the water bill at the foreclosure. The paragraph they reference for their argumentis in an occupied property adendumabout charges incurred by previousowner if they illegally occupy the property AFTER foreclosure.

Edited Jul 24 2014, 08:53 by Katharine ChartrandI posted the query if the bill was over or under a grand.

Pay it or don't pay it. Perfectly understandable.

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr Girl

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