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Please consider donating money, children's books, or gifts to this group or your local Children's hospital.

Thanks for listening and I'll keep you all posted as any relevant news emerges.

Nike Roshe Run Shoes

Nike Roshe Run Shoes

Nike Roshe Run Shoes

I also want to thank everyone who has helped throughout this horrific experience. All of the amazing people at the hospital, the doctors, Sneakers Nike Roshe Run

least through the weekend. The isolation is definitely starting to get very difficult for her . . .

It is starting to look like we may be dealing with Salmonella, but nothing is for certain right now. What we have been told is that she's likely going to have to be here at Roshe Run Hyperfuse Cool Grey

´╗┐Hoping for Your Positive Energies

Nike Roshe Run Shoes

I don't have to tell you how harrowing this has been for me and my family, but having a child in isolation is one of the scariest things you can possibly experience.

Good news everyone we have some answers. We learned that she does in fact have Salmonella which while scary, is treatable, though it would have been much less severe had we caught it sooner. The drugs that they been giving her have been working. The fevers have actually been gone for over 24 hours and we gotten the green light to go home some time this afternoon. I can tell you all how much of a relief this is.

The doctors are more convinced that we're dealing with Salmonella, but the definitive results won't be in until tonight/tomorrow. While unpleasant, at least we'd have an answer and hopefully a speedy resolution. We won't Nike Roshe Run Slip On Gpx

Nike Roshe Run Shoes

Thank you again to everyone who had her in your thoughts and prayers.

Nike Roshe Run Shoes

That said, we going to be dealing this for some time to come and I personally have to learn how to administer IV antibiotics for well over a week. That wasn something I hoped I ever have to deal with, but if it makes my little girl better, I gladly do it.

If anyone wants to send something, we've already gotten some incredibly generous gifts from both the hospital and a volunteer organization called The Network of Care; these have really brightened her days so far.

be leaving here until her fevers go away and are definitely here until Monday at the earliest.

I've been checking in on work when I get a few minutes in the day, primarily because work is really the only thing to distract me temporarily, of course. I guess I'm sharing this publicly, first so you understand why I'm not responsive to your messages and why I've had to cancel appointments and other business matters. Secondly, I really hope that some positive mojo and thoughts can help bring a little cheer to my little girl.

Nike Roshe Run Shoes

Thank you everyone who has taken the time to share your thoughts and prayers with us. I can tell you how much it has meant to us.

Update Thursday 8/18/11 10:26am:

Take very good care, Lawrence,

Nike Roshe Run Shoes

I'm pretty quiet about my personal life, but in this case, I feel like we can use all the positive vibes we can get. My daughter (2yrs+) has been sick for a few weeks with fevers, but it has gotten much worse over the past few days (starting Saturday) when these started spiking in the 104+ range (105+ last night and today). We've been at Children's Hospital here in Denver since Tuesday (have been at hospitals and ERs since Saturday at 4am) and they are trying to figure out what's going on, but we still don't have many answers.

I wish the best for you and your daughter, and the best with healing. Unfortunately a lot of western medicine methods don deal with getting to the real cure, but just deal with covering symptoms and prescribing pharmaceuticals. If you would like to get some input/information on how to make sure you eliminate all the toxins related to salmonella very effectively and naturally to really eliminate the problem and cure, let me know. Similar to Real Estate Investing, having the best information can be very vital. When it comes to your own health and the health of your loved ones you really want to know how to keep healthy and cure problems the right way, which may not always be what the doctors are compelled to push. Just something to think about, especially as a parent.

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nurses, our family, and friends have all made it a bit easier to get through it all. Lets just say that I wish I knew beforehand that a tiny bubble in the IV is ok . . . when I saw one after putting in the saline, we freaked a bit and called the hospital for advice. The advice go to the ER and they help out. Well, by the time we got there, there was a clot in her line and I freaked out. The first ER couldn break it and sent us on our way to another more prepared one by this time I had spoken with far too many people who probably weren experienced enough to be giving advice about the situation.

Their team has been wonderful, and they are clearly working hard to solve this mystery, but we're just not sure when that will happen we're definitely going to be here until at least tomorrow. There are several theories, but no real direction Nike Roshe Run Shoes yet.

Nike Roshe Run Shoes

Lets just say that I was under the understanding that this clot that resulted due to my lack of education about bubbles, could break off and enter her heart. For the hours that followed until the situation was resolved, I was under the impression that I might be responsible for a potential clot causing the unthinkable.

Fast forward to 1am this morning and the clot had been broken down, sucked out, and her line flushed out. We finally got home and got her to bed by close to 2am.

The nightmare is over . . . we removed the PICC line this morning and are going to go and celebrate!

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