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From there you can move to free exploration of the same room, but only when the cats are supervised. cats should be preferably by at least two different people, says Brunt.

Nike Roshe Run Red

Nike Roshe Run Red

Posted on June 9, 2012Addie says: This is our boy Jonna featured. He's a calm, lovlabe guy who loves a sunny window and a place to call home. Good work in getting the word out.

´╗┐Host a Cat Playdate

Posted on February 19, 2011Victoria Secret Coupon says: Hello there : )

that are fearful and easily aroused will require more patience and time using positive rewards for tiny improvements in calm behavior, says Brunt. The other three types will have an easier time in general. If possible, try to bring at least one easy and affable cat into each playdate pair. Avoid introducing a timid cat to a bold or assertive one.

aged 7 to 12 weeks are the most suitable since this is the critical time to shape positive behavior, says Brunt. veterinarians recommend kitten socialization classes, like Kitten Kindergarten, where kittens are allowed to interact with each other. During these classes, kittens are also introduced to handling, grooming and transport. Food rewards are given to reinforce positive actions and reactions.

If a neutral territory is not a possibility, Brunt suggests choosing one room in your home. room can serve as a playground, as long as you there. No. 4: Make slow introductions.

According to the American Association of Feline Practitioners, cats may be loosely classified into four categories: bold and active, easy and affable, withdrawn and timid, and assertive. Your cat may be easier or harder to socialize depending on its personality.

of its own.

Owners who are familiar with their cat communication can watch for signs that the animal is uncomfortable or unhappy, and can extricate the pet from the situation. Recognizing signs of contentment and positive energy is important as well. Brunt encourages rewarding an animal with treats for appropriate body language.

Nike Roshe Run Red

Adult cats can also be socialized they simply must be introduced to their new cat friends more slowly (see below).

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Tip No. 3: Find a neutral territory.

go slow! emphasizes Nike Roshe Run Red Brunt. Relaxed owners should introduce cats Nike Roshe Run Calypso

Tip No. 2: Identify your cat personality type.

Tip No. 5: Know your cat signals.

Your cat body language speaks loudly. cat, standing with its back arched and tail up, is exhibiting an aggressive stance and should not be further aroused, as it may exhibit extreme aggression, says Brunt.

Posted on March 9, 2011PeopleAreCrazy says: My Great Dane would LOVE to host a cat playdate. I mean seriously, who comes up with this stuff?? A Cat Playdate???

Nike Roshe Run Red

Nike Roshe Run Red

The right preparation can make cat playdates not only safe, but cat tastic too. are social animals and can have one or more select friends, says Dr. Jane Brunt, a Maryland based, cat exclusive veterinarian. that are properly socialized tend to be happier and enjoy their environment more. Brunt offers her top five tips for helping your furry friend make friends Nike Roshe Camo Womens

When best friends Carolyn Miller and Jennifer Cohen adopted kittens around the same time, they decided it would be fun for their cats to become playmates. The reality of the situation was that one cat spent an hour terrorizing the other cat, causing worry about the cat safety. They agreed that would be the first and last playdate.

Nike Roshe Run Red

prefer in store as i hate waiting it to come!

Nike Roshe Run Red

Nike Roshe Run Red

Nike Roshe Run Red

Posted on October 18, 2010NoneOYour Buiz says: Here's the thing. How do you convince other cat owners about having a cat "playdate?" And also, are there socialization classes for cats over one?

gradually over a period of days or weeks. Begin with complete separation, which means the cats are occupying different rooms in the same house. Then allow the cats to make visual contact.

neutral territory is a place neither cat has been, explains Brunt. When neither cat has claimed a place as its own, you can expect less territorial and adversarial behaviors.

Nike Roshe Run Red

Nike Roshe Run Red

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