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Many come here for mental evaluations and then off to government housing.

Originally posted by Ibrahim S:I just found out that the only heir/owner of a vacant and abandoned property I tracking is in prison. My thinking is that he can likely only make collect calls. I going to Roshe Womens Black And White

The attorney I mentioned above was not a criminal defense type, he was an ambulance chaser and more successful at real estate than writting letters to insurance companies.

I have had a notary go in to the county jail for a closing. State and Federal have notaries on site as they took care of it.

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initiate contact via letter. That attorney is gonna go after any proceeds of the sale to be paid for services.

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Not sure what areas you speaking of Carlos. Criminals come from all walks of life and all (at least the ones who are caught and can afford an attorney who can get them house arrest) end up in the same prison.

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I dealt with at least 4 properties where a seller was in prison. Two were from the inner city while the other two were homes that were, along with the seller, based in the suburbs. The one I tracking now is in a suburban township called Union.

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I also know that they Nike Roshe Run Pink Sole do have notary services in prisons so that may be an option. I going to call them tomorrow and get more information.

awful lot of prisoners who don have private attorneys. Lots of convicts were broke when they committed the crime and are broke now. It not the job of their public defenders to do their real estate deals or their divorces or custody cases while they are doing time.

Nike Roshe Run Pink Sole

Nike Roshe Run Pink Sole

Hi IB! I get letters and calls from prison inmates periodically. The frustrating thing is when I missed a scheduled call, because I can call back. I know inmates don have email. I never heard of Inmate Calling Solutions but sounds like something that might help the seller to more easily afford a lot of phone time, and you might need it with a probate deal. I never ended up going into contract with any sellers or heirs in prison, so the one thing I not sure about is notary services. I assuming they have it available, but not sure how often and how accessible.

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That being said, many inmates do leave powers Roshe Run White And Black

Originally posted by Carlos F.: What I like about my DFW is we can choose to stay out of those areas and still make money/cash flow.

Great info folks! Hey Marie (lol). Glad you made it here to BP.

Now, how is it criminals who are locked up can stalk others and pull scams on the internet and not communicate? Guess it a techie thing.

Nike Roshe Run Pink Sole

Nike Roshe Run Pink Sole

´╗┐How Do I Communicate With A Prison Inmate

of attorney docs with family or friends. But if I understanding Ibrahim lead, it a little more complicated than that.

Lead isn too complicated. Except there may be an issue with the fact that the property is titled in an estate and not in his name (explained later in this post).

Whether or not he able to afford an attorney isn too important as I can always get one for him (and pay for it if the deal is good enough). My primary concern is that he the Admin. of an estate. My title co. wouldn allow the last Admin. I dealt with to give POA to her attorney so I have to look at whether or not that was a law or just my title co. being minute losers like they tend to be as I approaching a closing.

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As opposed to it being an "area specific" phenomenon, I think K. Marie, myself and others who deal with this issue are involved in niches such as abandoned properties and estates where you will run into an inmate or two who has property titled to him/her. Like K. Marie says, better to have the tool needed to make the deal happen as opposed to unnecessarily lose out on money.

Now that I think about it there was a service I think I used to communicate with my last incarcerated seller.

I find the contacting the attorney suggestions here kind of amusing. There are an Roshe Run Black And White Print

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