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In 2012 and 2013 Middle class buyers in the greater St. Petersburg submarket had the option of either increasing the size of their down payment to compensate for the fact that the house didn't meet the appraised value (artificially high values due to hedge funds' massive purchases) or look for Nike Roshe Run Pink Rose a different, less expensive, house.

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As the market is coming back, this former builder is also building one spec house at a time to get back in the new construction game. In many areas there seems to be a significant demand for new construction homes, bit different than rehabbing, but similiar skills and talents required that most good rehabbers could likely master. St. Petersburg, being your next door neighbor and part of the same Metro area, has suffered from the same hedge fund activity. I am a Commercial Real Estate Agent with a focus in the multi family sector and I have seen small multi families (properties more in my budget) go for the following

For the past 7 months my deal flow has dropped off a cliff. I'm also seeing inventory building Roshe Run Oreo Original

Nike Roshe Run Pink Rose

Nike Roshe Run Pink Rose

Multiple examples of these deals scattered all around St. Petersburg. You can find the occasional one for $60,000 but it normally has some baggage.

once again which is a red flag for any investors. Newbie investors abound and property owners are demanding higher and higher prices. I've elevated my direct mail campaigns and online advertising to stratospheric heights with little results in Palm Beach and Broward markets.

to trough to compliment your main up cycle strategy. I'm sure everyone knows or has heard of builders who have gone broke three or four times because they only know to build, build, build. Deals are out there for cash buyers.

Being licensed, I also have access to the MLS, and the below chart showing inventory tells the story. I've published this on more than one occasion in the BP forums in an attempt to warn my fellow investors from being too aggressive in this market. And by the way, I take this data directly from the MLS each day and chart it myself.

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Nike Roshe Run Pink Rose

Nike Roshe Run Pink Rose

Sometimes you have to wait patiently or develop a second strategy that works from peak Roshe Run Shoes For Women

going for $250,000. Persons wanting to live in the neighborhood could if they took on the added responsibility of managing a building. Many unqualified person took this gamble and thus due to the exorbitant hedge fund SFH purchases in the greater Tampa Bay Area residential multi family dwellings were artificially enhanced as well.

If you cant beat them maybe join them?

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Duplex $650 rent each unit $90,000

A little food for thought. Maybe the market is telling you the cycle is peaking and you need to find a different strategy or a different market. As value oriented bargain hunters when 'everybody' is buying we want to be sellers and when they're 'all' selling we want to be buyers. Real estate is one of the most cyclical businesses on earth and paying attention to where your market is in its cycle is critical for long term success.

In the area where I live (rents are $700 $750) the fourplexes go for $275,000.

Typical Fourplex $650 rent each unit $180,000+

SFHs were going for $400,000 for 2,000 square feet. Quadplexes were Nike Grey Roshe Run Mens

Couple weeks ago on a flight to Tampa, fellow beside me strikes up conversation, he was a builder, now he has a gig running the renovations for one of the hedge funds that is buying up a lot of properties in Bradenton, Sarasota area.

I know this isn't your niche as you noted, its just interesting to see that the demand for new housing is strong and will keep growing as the US housing stock is aging, less energy efficient, costly to upgrade, etc. vs new homes. You are not alone my friend. This market is overheated with new investors and deals are extremely sparse. This is NOT the right time to be investing, wholesaling or rehabbing in my opinion. Our prices have topped out and are starting to retreat. If we're hit with a large correction in the stock market (witness today's 300 point drop), home buyers will probably take a blow to their consumer confidence. This market is like any other. One day the buyers are everywhere, the next minute they've disappeared.

´╗┐How is the rehab market in your area

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Nike Roshe Run Pink Rose

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Nike Roshe Run Pink Rose

I'm just holding on right now. I can't find anything. I'm under contract right now but it took me 9 months to find a property that fits my criteria. I have more cash to spend but the multi family deals are all outrageous either by sellers asking too much or buyers bidding over the list price.

Nike Roshe Run Pink Rose

Nike Roshe Run Pink Rose

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