Nike Roshe Run Mens Red

Nike Roshe Run Mens Red

in March and we posed the idea of "Hey, what about house flipping together?" We learned that our skills and personalities complement each other well: George is strong with finance, rehabbing, and his sub contractor rolodex in our farm areais incredible. My strengths lie with finance, marketing, sales, and I also have my CT real estate license which we have found to be very helpful.

Nike Roshe Run Mens Red

We built our marketing campaign almost allthrough BP. It was inspired by many Nike Roshe Run Mens Red of the BP podcasts, and Roshe Run Id Ideas

Additionally, through our marketing campaign we will hopefully be going under contract on a different home this week (knock on wood), and we also have other deals in the pipeline that might close in the coming months. We also have found some deals that I might list, or receive a percentage of the commission on.

Nike Roshe Run Mens Red

Nike Roshe Run Mens Red

´╗┐How BiggerPockets Helped with our Early Real Estate Suc

Nike Roshe Run Mens Red

Nike Roshe Run Mens Red

As you can see a large part of our success is because of BiggerPockets.(If you are wondering, Iam neither paid nor a shareholder ofBP, I am just thankful for what they provided me and hope to be able togive back.)We picked up thisdeal through direct mail marketing, but to add one more wrinkle to that is wefollow up with all ofour qualifiedprospects that call us from our campaign. So our deal that we acquired wasat firsta no go, but Istayed in touch withthe seller throughphone calls and texts, and a few weeks aftercame to agree on price. Same thing happenedwith our prospective second deal that we just received the contract.

If anyone is looking to get started and has any questions, I will try to do my best to help out. Also, if you are thinking about paying a lot of money to take a course, my advice would be to consider learning many of the real estate investment strategies directly through BP for free. I don't know anything about the paid courses and for all I know it might be an excellent way to go about getting started in thisbusiness but I do know that there is a lot of free/low cost information, and my advice would be to try that first and use the big Roshe Run Black And White Tumblr

Get The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing for FREE read by more than 100,000 people AND get exclusive real estate investing tips, tricks, and techniques delivered straight to your inbox twice weekly!

One other thing that BP has helped us with is its meet ups. So after searching unsuccessfully for a pitch free real estate meet up in Connecticut, we successfully started a meet up in Connecticut that provides a place for us to meet local like minded investors, and wehave met some incredible people!Already at least one deal was done because of the meet up, and personallywe met wholesalers, rehabbers, lenders, private investors, and other service professionalsthat I plan onworking with in the coming months.

Nike Roshe Run Mens Red

Many of my early 'successes' are attributable to BiggerPockets, and I am very thankful for the site and community. Even though we haven't profited on a deal yet we are in the middle of rehabbing our first flip, and hopefully going under contract soon on our second deal I believe we laid a lot of our business' foundation and that is the success I am posting about here. I hope what we have done will inspire some of the newbies, and also help others see how BP can help play a role in your real estate investment business. We had no intention of partnering until we sat down to coffee one morning Nike Roshe For Kids Boys

Nike Roshe Run Mens Red

We further educated ourselves on house flipping primarily through BP. So we put together a direct mail marketing campaign (the first time half heartedly), and the second time with a different approach that resulted in our first deal seven weeks later this is the deal we are working on at the moment.

money towards an investment property.

Nike Roshe Run Mens Red

Nike Roshe Run Mens Red

Our goals are to acquire 12 rehab properties in 12 months (beginning in July 2014) and then scale that up from there. It might be an aggressive goal, but we are trying to take small steps to get to where we need to go.

just doing what everyone on BP talks about.

Nike Roshe Run Mens Red

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