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The LEAF and the Ford Focus Electric have posted ranges of about 75 miles, the Chevy Spark EV and Honda Fit EV can travel about 82 miles and the Tesla Model S boasts a range of 265 miles.

The survey released this week from the Union of Concerned Scientists and Consumers Union found that 42 percent of respondents in a national poll met all four requirements. Consumers Union is a division of Consumer Reports.

A 2011 Accenture survey on driver attitudes toward electric vehicles found that drivers said they needed a range of at Nike Roshe Run Mens Outlet least 270 miles before they would consider buying an Nike Roshe Womens Black Speckled

did, the country each year would save 15 billion gallons of gasoline, avoid 89 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions and save $33 billion on fuel.

If range is more of a psychological concern, the biggest barrier to electric vehicle adoption, according to this week's survey, is the availability of a charging station.

Nike Roshe Run Mens Outlet

Nike Roshe Run Mens Outlet

The report pointed out that while more than 40 percent of households can use electric vehicles today, less than 1 percent actually do.

Despite the current limitations, the report found that if everyone who could switch to electric vehicles Nike Roshe Run Gold

That's an infrastructure issue that likely would be addressed if the demand for electric vehicles grew.

Nike Roshe Run Mens Outlet

Besides cash, four requirements are needed for electric vehicles to be practical: four or fewer passengers, no hauling needs, access to charging at home or work and a daily travel range of no more than 60 miles.

Nike Roshe Run Mens Outlet

´╗┐households could use electric vehicles

Of those four factors, the biggest concern I hear about with electric vehicles and all alternative fuel vehicles is range.

Nike Roshe Run Mens Outlet

Nike Roshe Run Mens Outlet

found that 69 percent of Americans drive less than 60 miles each day, which is within the range of almost every battery electric vehicle on the market today.

The Consumers Union study Roshe Run Colorways

Nike Roshe Run Mens Outlet

Nike Roshe Run Mens Outlet

I've heard similar range requirements about compressed natural gas vehicles and those that run on other alternative fuels. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration, a range of 100 miles is enough for more than 90 percent of all household vehicle trips in the United States.

Nike Roshe Run Mens Outlet

Nike Roshe Run Mens Outlet

electric car.

Nike Roshe Run Mens Outlet

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