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Ms Jones said: "People who can afford to pay are being asked to pay under the Government guidelines and that's one way we've been able to protect services given to people at high moderate need levels, when we know that at least 82 per cent of councils are not."

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"We apologise to any people who have been affected by this".

People are put into four categories Nike Roshe Galaxy Men

She also urged everybody who has refused to be put through financial tests to get in touch with the council, in case extra funding or support is available.

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to a month.

It includes the elderly as well as people with learning difficulties, mental health problems and disabilities.

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In a council mix up, a number of people received letters with other people's names and financial details.

Now, under proposals to remove her council subsidy, he said her monthly bill would be The council is proposing to stop subsidising Nike Roshe Run Mens Dark Blue home care, and reduce subsidies in other areas, for people who are deemed to have enough savings more than or "disposable income" under means testing.

The carers visit for about 30 minutes, four times a day.

"These proposed changes would bring us in line with most other councils and bring improvements and clarity to our system."

depending on their needs: critical, substantial, high moderate and low moderate. The council subsidises all adults except those classified as "low moderate"; however a recent survey showed eight out of ten councils only support people classified as substantial or critical.

to pay would be affected by this proposal.

A council spokesman said: "We realised that, due to problems with the computer system, a number of people may have received incorrect information.

At the moment the council subsidises care for all these groups whatever their savings or income. The subsidies vary depending on the service they receive and how much money they have.

"We therefore took immediate steps through direct phone calls and reissued letters to ensure we contacted anyone who may have been affected and to provide them with the correct information.

"However, adult care charges are means tested in compliance with the Government's financial assessment guidelines and only those who have been assessed as being able Roshe Run Gray And Black

After selling her house about 20 years ago, she moved into sheltered accommodation in Wollaton and is given help with everything from getting up to making cups of tea.

Nottingham City Council says that 795 people out of 3,000 who currently receive subsidies will see their charges go up. The rest will not be affected by the changes at all and 41 per cent will continue to receive everything for free.

John, who does not want to reveal the identity of his mother, said the amount his mother has to pay towards her care package went up this month from Nike Roshe Run Pink Black

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Nike Roshe Run Mens Dark Blue

Nike Roshe Run Mens Dark Blue

Councillor Eunice Campbell, portfolio holder for adult services, said: "We fully understand that a small number of people would see significant changes to the amount they contribute to the cost of their care under these proposals.

Home care charges to rise from an hour to however much the care agency charges, which tends to be about but is as high as for those with dementia. These were last increased in January 2011 from to Day centre charges will be subsidised less, and will rise from a maximum of to a day. In April 2010 day centres went from being free to costing the cost then went up to in January 2011.

As people continue to live longer, councils face rising bills looking after their elderly residents. Local Government Correspondent Delia Monk looks at the changes planned for Nottingham

Meanwhile a couple who both have dementia and live in their own home in the Clifton area face a 41 per cent increase, with their monthly care bill jumping from to Their daughter, who has asked not to be named, said their care package was just in December 2010. "It's a massive, massive amount of money," she said. "My parents are people who worked in Nottingham factories all their lives.

´╗┐How changes to costs at Nottingham care homes will affect people

Transport charges will also get less subsidy, and will rise from a maximum to a day. They were increased in January 2011 from to John said his mother's pension just about covers her rent, while everything else comes from savings.

AT the age of 91, John's mother relies heavily on the carers who visit her in her home.

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John said he received two letters with the wrong names and financial details on it before receiving the correct information for his mother.

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Nike Roshe Run Mens Dark Blue

"This will eat up all her life savings by an enormous amount," he said. "There's a big difference between the person who has millions in assets and the ordinary person who has sold their home to go into sheltered housing."

The changes to charges are expected to save per year and are part of the council's target of saving million this year following Government cuts in funding.

But for those who are affected, the changes are set to include:

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"Realistically their aim in life was to save money and be able to pass it on to their children so their children could have a better life than they did, that's been their entire ethos.

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