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Nike Roshe Run Knit Jacquard

Those working at Emory also can take comfort in that they have a unique place one of only four such facilities in the United States, according to Ribner to treat such a contagious disease. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is based down the street. It features "special air handling," strict protocols on everything and everyone who goes in and out of a Nike Roshe Run Knit Jacquard patient's room, and other measures to ensure that any potential dangers are contained.

Nike Roshe Run Knit Jacquard

It's a unique facility that's rarely used.

Nike Roshe Run Knit Jacquard

stable as possible.

The renowned hospital's wide variety of tools will be put to ample use given how Ebola without the existence of any FDA approved treatments will be addressed at Emory: using what Ribner calls "supportive care." That means carefully tracking a patient's symptoms, vital signs and organ function and taking measures, such as blood transfusions and dialysis, to keep him or her as Nike Roshe Run Hawaiian Floral

Nike Roshe Run Knit Jacquard

Giving the body a chance to fight back

They canceled their vacation.

Nike Roshe Run Knit Jacquard

Nike Roshe Run Knit Jacquard

"They said, 'We have been training for this,'" Dr. Bruce Ribner, who heads the Emory University Hospital unit where the two Americans with Ebola will be treated, told CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta himself a neurosurgery professor at Emory. "'We are not going to miss this opportunity to care for this patient."

Nike Roshe Run Knit Jacquard

They know how the virus spreads

´╗┐Hospital prepared to treat Ebola patients

Nike Roshe Run Knit Jacquard

Online and on street corners, in homes and in businesses, the idea of purposefully bringing Ebola into the United States has rattled the nerves of many.

But you won't hear that kind of thing at Emory University Hospital. According to Ribner, it's been just the opposite.

they are infected. The virus doesn't spread until that person shows symptoms, which typically takes two to 21 days, according to the World Health Organization.

Nike Roshe Run Knit Jacquard

So faced with the prospect of coming face to face with this terrible illness at their Atlanta hospital, where its first documented Ebola cases ever are soon set to arrive, what did two nurses do?

"It's kind of like an insurance policy," the Emory physician said. "You can complain about the fact that you didn't collect on your . policy or you can say as in this case 'Boy, we're lucky we've been supporting you all these years because now we really need you.' And it would be really challenging to develop this on the fly."

Ribner said it was last activated a couple of years ago, when someone came from Angola amid a Marburg virus outbreak.

about his health or that of his colleagues.

Yes, Ebola in the United States is unprecedented. But that doesn't mean experts don't know anything about it.

What the Emory doctor doesn't have, as American patients Nancy Writebol and Dr. Kent Brantly arrive for treatment at his hospital, is hesitation or trepidation. Ribner told reporters he has "no concerns" Nike Roshe Run Blue And Grey

Another person who also didn't express any worry was Ribner's wife.

"My wife knew when she was getting into when she married an infectious disease doctor. It went fine," he said of his conversation with his wife. "She said, 'Great, that's what you've been dreaming for 12 years.'"

It's not like someone is contagious the second Roshe Run Galaxy Black

Talking to reporters Friday, Ribner said Ebola spreads much like HIV, Hepatitis B or C through the transmission of bodily fluids, not by simply being in the same room as someone infected.

"As I came in this morning, I had people congratulating us for accepting these patients."

"We just have to keep the patient alive long enough in order for the body to control this infection," Ribner explained.

Everything is thought out, right down to how visitors can interact with patients. They can be within 1 to 2 inches of each other, looking through a plate glass window and talking through an intercom.

Nike Roshe Run Knit Jacquard

Nike Roshe Run Knit Jacquard

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