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I rehabbed a rental property this year that had no dining room. To give a good space for an eating area, I took out the cabinets on one side of the kitchen and extended them on the other side so there is a large space where a table could be placed. I did not stage the property to rent it, but did mention to potential tenants that part of the remodel and how well a table could fit there. I think either telling buyers where a table could go, or staging the space will get them to see how it can work. All that makes up for the two 9 x 9 bedrooms with closets too shallow to use a hanger. :)

and living areas and many have additions and increased square footage, but still don have a dining room. Doesn stop anything from selling here. (Avg. $650K). I think people who pay to live in little old houses in downtown neighborhoods accept the lack of dining room Nike Roshe Run Khaki as part of the "charm". I can imagine Ashville has the same thing going on.

Nike Roshe Run Khaki

Nike Roshe Run Khaki

Nike Roshe Run Khaki

Nike Roshe Run Khaki

Greg P: Do you have a house for sale with no apparent eating area anywhere? I assumed you meant no dining room, but there no eating area in the kitchen either? I seen studio apartments or very small 1BDRs with without apparent eating spaces, but not 1100 square foot houses. Is the floor plan similar to others in the area? If it 2BDR that 2 4 people that need to set their dinner plate somewhere. Can you stage something in the living room area nearest to the kitchen? What were your thoughts when you bought it?

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I suggest getting someone to help you stage the house. If your feedback from potential buyers is that you are missing something major, you need really sell what you do have.

live, but about our kids. They are young adults now, but when they start having families, it won matter about ideas anymore, we will go where they are. My group of friends planned for/resigned to this years ago as we knew very few, if any, of the kids would stay in Santa Barbara. So far, the CA East Bay, Portland and Austin are winning and a dozen of the kids are currently settling there, some with new babies.

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This thread got me to thinking about all the small houses in my neighborhood. Just about everything was built in the 1920 40s as 1BDR and 2BDR working class homes. I can think of one that I been inside except mine that has a separate dining room. A lot of remodels have opened up walls between kitchens Roshe Run Gold Trophy

Nike Roshe Run Khaki

Nike Roshe Run Khaki

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Nike Roshe Run Khaki

If so, what advantaged does your house have? Are you priced below the competition? The best thing I can think of is figure out a plan for talking to potential buyers. People have a lot of ideas about "entertaining" and dining rooms are part of that.

Do most of the houses in the neighborhood have dining rooms?

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There definitely going to be some RE opportunities to those paying attention. Many families of adult children are different now in that a lot of Boomers are very close to their kids and expect to be close to their grandchildren as well. But they aren young enough (or didn save enough) to retire and/or move to new cities. Families want to be together but need economic and creative space solutions.

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Sign me up! Asheville is so on my cool radar, so not on my husband The "South" plus "Humidity" = never gonna happen. Sigh. I shouldn say never though, because in the end it not about our ideas about the perfect place to Nike Roshe Run Black/Anthracite Grey

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