Nike Roshe Run Grey Floral

Cleaning. It is eye catching if our environment and space is clean. Everyone can say that. By simply cleaning, and throwing the trash on the right place, it could be perfect and nice.

Most important to is I have tried to pass on these little tips to my children making them a part of their everyday life so that they can also learn to protect their future environment.

Being disciplined. First of all, you cannot do the things above if you don Roshe Run White And Blue

I accept and give away hand me downs so that clothing does not end up in the garbage. Any old cotton t shirts that are worn out are used as dust coths. I also recycle batteries and electrical Nike Roshe Run Gold Tick

Nike Roshe Run Grey Floral

Nike Roshe Run Grey Floral

recycle peels from fruits, dried leaves to make a good and effective fertilizer. Let plant trees. Without this, imagine ourselves wearing oxygen tanks for safe air or swim in great floods. Trees will be helpful to absorbed polluted air coming from cars and factories. When the polluted air is absorbed,it can be converted into an oxygen that we breathe in. If the water is absorbed, there will be no floods and destroyed properties. There will be rain and water that provides the us benefits.

Nike Roshe Run Grey Floral

I just do simple things to help our environment. Big things came from small things.

If somebody gave you $10,000 and said "do something good for the earth", what would you do? How would you spend the money? note this is doing something for the earth, the environment,. I will always hold on to whatever I have until I reach a garbage bin.

Nike Roshe Run Grey Floral

earth day serious event or empty platitude? Today is earth day, the equivalent of christmas for the earth. but, we never seem to get it.

I am still working on using less water, but I am not just there yet, and I am now looking in recycling used frying oil with a Company I have read about,

Nike Roshe Run Grey Floral

I am very careful with electricity, only the room I am in has lights on, and I try to make sure that there are never unecessary lights Nike Roshe Run Grey Floral turned on in the house. Also, I do not leave anything on stand by, everything is turned off manually.

Nike Roshe Run Grey Floral

Nike Roshe Run Grey Floral

disciplined yourself first. How will you celebrate it?

Nike Roshe Run Grey Floral

I try to recylce everything that is recycleable, by collecting all my papaer, plastic, aluminun and glass objects in a bag ans empty it in the recycling bin.

Today is Earth Day and we should all do something that shows support for the protection of our environment. As new opportunities arise, new life takes hold.

Nike Roshe Run Grey Floral

Nike Roshe Run Grey Floral

I have a person that I call to collect any metal items that I want to throw out, and I also have a Company Icall that collects furniture when you are ready to throw it out.


Recycling. Time saving, money saving and being creative. It can be really useful for yourself and to others. You cannot just recycle those plastics, cans and paper. You can also Nike Roshe Style

´╗┐How are you a good steward of the earth or the environment

Nike Roshe Run Grey Floral

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