Nike Roshe Run Green And Blue

Nike Roshe Run Green And Blue

´╗┐Hoons promote illegal drag racing online

Yet the administrators of the page, a 20 year old and her boyfriend, have absolved themselves of any responsibility for the happenings at Kooragang and said not even police action will stop them.

Nike Roshe Run Green And Blue

Nike Roshe Run Green And Blue

the operation on Thursday resulted in 32 vehicle defects, 74 traffic infringements, two suspension notices and two traffic charges.

Mr Littler said police should focus on catching the criminals rather than targeting car owners who have no intention of racing with impoundments and defect notices.

quiet and wanted people to start coming back,'' she said.

Nike Roshe Run Green And Blue

Kate told the Herald she started the page to get Kooragang ''started again'' and said a few hundred people would gather on a busy Nike Sneakers For Women Roshe

''The cops come every week but it's not going to stop us.

Superintendent Bob Ryan, of the NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, said Nike Roshe Red Mens

By using such a public forum as social media anyone in the public can view their posts they are blatantly and shamelessly flaunting their illegal activities.

Police have undertaken numerous operations at the site in the past few decades, most recently on Thursday night, and are believed to be clamping down hard on the venue in the next few weeks.

Nike Roshe Run Green And Blue

''It's been going on for more than 30 years at Kooragang and they have a place in Sydney at Eastern Creek [for legal races] so I think they should have one in Newcastle.''

''We're still gonna go and race and do burnouts no matter what,'' she said.

''We've noticed it getting a bit Nike Roshe Run Red Black

''Street racing is extremely dangerous and police across NSW are working hard to remove it from our roads,'' he said.

HUNDREDS of lives are being put at risk every week as Hunter car hoons push the safety boundaries in illegal drag race meetings.

Nike Roshe Run Green And Blue

Nike Roshe Run Green And Blue

Nike Roshe Run Green And Blue

''We're totally opposed to illegal burnouts and racing on the streets,'' he said. ''They are hurting everyone.''

But Kate said the threat of police operations wouldn't stop the meetings and called for a legal drag strip to be built in the Hunter.

In some of the videos vehicles can be seen performing burnouts and high speed races only metres from pedestrians, with some drivers coming dangerously close to losing control.

Source: Newcastle Herald

The irresponsible stunts are not only endangering hundreds of vulnerable onlookers, but the participants are also believed to be polluting the roads with oil in order to help tyres lose traction during burnouts.

''There's never a safe way to do it but I shouldn't be held responsible for other people doing the wrong thing.''

While Kate and her partner don't take part Nike Roshe Run Green And Blue in the illegal activity they get kicks out of watching the races and burnout comps.

''I guess it's the adrenaline rush and it's just fun watching,'' she said.

National secretary of the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party Keith Littler said the Facebook page did not represent the entire car culture.

The deafening sound of roaring engines, burning rubber and the shrill screeching of tyres has been synonymous with the Kooragang site since the 1960s, but never have hoons been so brazen in their efforts to organise gatherings.

Thursday night.

Nike Roshe Run Green And Blue

Nike Roshe Run Green And Blue

''It's a place to have fun and somewhere to get loose.''

The lead footed drivers have moved into social media in an effort to garner interest in their dangerous stunts, with regular meetings being organised at Kooragang Island.

The Newcastle Herald has obtained fresh video footage and photographs from a Facebook page set up solely to instigate the meetings, which has received more than 8000 likes in just over a week.

''Unfortunately the government keep introducing rules to combat the issue that aren't working,'' he said.

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