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Because all proprietary steno software builds in a 1.5 second buffer between when the stenographer enters the stroke and when the stroke is transmitted to an external program. Imagine having to wait 1.5 seconds for each command to execute. It's infuriating. Plover is the only steno software that uses a length based stroke buffer rather than a timing based one, so it sends commands immediately, making it work beautifully with Vim and every other external program I've tried it with. The difference in usability is startling.

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Nike Roshe Run Girls' Shoes

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In steno, on the other hand, you could write something like DFD in a single stroke, and it would put in the def, the space, the parentheses, the colon and the carriage return automatically, then jump you up to the space after the def to write your function name and arguments, then then drop you back down to the body of the function, all in four strokes. Best of all, once you defined that function name in your steno dictionary, you wouldn't need to worry about remembering to write out the name in camel case each time. It's immensely powerful once you get used to it. But it's only got 26 keys to choose from, and it takes a long time to learn which key does what, since the correlation between "move one word forward" and the "w" key is pretty abstract and arbitrary. In steno, you could certainly keep using just the w key, if it's what you're used to, but you could also, say, map the "move one word forward" command to a single stroke like "WOFRD" (pronounced "woffered"). That's mnemonically much more useful than just "w", and an even bigger advantage is that the number of possible one stroke commands is almost infinite. Instead of one stroke equalling one letter, steno lets one stroke equal one syllable, which is about five times more efficient quantitatively. As a qualitative improvement, the advantage is inestimable.

Nike Roshe Run Girls' Shoes

Nike Roshe Run Girls' Shoes

Nike Roshe Run Girls' Shoes

Nike Roshe Run Girls' Shoes

tell, steno works by mapping a "stroke" (a combination of keys pressed at once like a chord on a musical instrument) to a "syllable" which appears to be a chunk of a word for prose but apparently can be any chunk of text for things like programming. I think this is why she recommends a 45$ "gamer's keyboard", Nike Roshe Run Girls' Shoes most regular keyboards have a limit to the number of simultaneous key presses that will be registered. Also it appears that when using a keyboard for steno you still only use a limited number of keys. From the video it looks like she barely strayed from the home position.

´╗┐How she envisions stenography would be used for programming

Ah, ok. I was actually thinking of something different: implementing steno chords in vim itself, instead of hooking it to an external program like plover.

Zen Coding [1] gives you some of that advantage, by turning many Purple Nike Roshe

Nike Roshe Run Girls' Shoes

Nike Roshe Run Girls' Shoes

complex constructs into 3 4 character keywords, and placing the caret automatically at meaningful places (some textmate bundles do this too). The approach works really well for CSS and HTML.1. one button adds 'es' to words ending in 's' or 's' to other words, or makes a new word if part of another chord). So it isn't a direct one chord to one string of characters mapping.

6 Keys on USB, if I recall correctly. However, PS2 doesn't limit you at all, and Black Nike Roshe Trainers

Vim already has the capability to allow pressing a key chord to perform a custom function. However, it still might be good to have the mindset of using tools like vim arpeggio more, and steno still might make typing variable names slightly faster.

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a number of keyboard let you press any number of keys you want. I'm able to depress 22 keys at a time on a Sidewinder X4 ($45) or a Filco Majestouch ($120) connected via USB and have them all register perfectly. Yep, the steno layout is only two rows for fingers, one row for thumbs, and one meta row for numbers. There's very little movement of the hands required, which makes it both ergonomic and efficient. Chords of 1 to 22 keys are mapped to syllables, words, or phrases. It's a lot like playing a piano.

Nike Roshe Run Girls' Shoes

Nike Roshe Run Girls' Shoes

Nike Roshe Run Girls' Shoes

All of that either already exists as described, or keystroke count equivalents exist, in every programmer editor. If people aren't using it in existing editors they sure aren't going to pick up a radically different keyboard layout to use it.(Said the guy who types in an increasingly heavily modified Dvorak layout. It seems the main benefit is having those mappings done for you and available system wide.

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I still don't really "get" the syllable perspective but it seems like it's just a mapping of one stroke (I think my confusion is what constitutes a "stroke") on specialized hardware to several on a qwerty board?As far as I can Nike Roshe Run Blue And Orange

Isn't the standard keyboard simultaneous keypress limit already something like 9 keys though?

Nike Roshe Run Girls' Shoes

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