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I going to disagree with the consensus here and say that the price per employee is probably lower when its a bootstrapped company vs a vc funded company, all other things being equal for two reasons:1) With a VC you have someone in your corner with considerable connections and pull( The VC), to advocate for you. Someone, who is presumably a good judge of ideas and talent, has blessed you as worthy and therefore you passed this bar. The bootstrap company, has not had the blessing and therefor is unproven. That seems to save me a lot of money. In fact, in this case I would actually wonder why the acquirer needs Nike Roshe Run Cheapest Price

´╗┐How much should a bootstrapped startup ask for an acquihire

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Nike Roshe Run Galaxy Footlocker

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Yes, I aware. Hence, you should attempt to quantify their BATNA in dollar terms to arrive at an understanding of how much they value you. Price is only one factor.

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Though I think this is a good response, the first part is not correct. The point of an acqui hire is to acquire talent at an amount that rewards the team for their previous efforts.

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imaginary paper valuation even though your revenue and technology doesn even support it. Does hiring the team and getting the technology increase their profits by 10%, 100%, 1000%? How much value are you bringing to the new company?And don devalue yourself because you aren VC funded. Don negotiate against yourself into saying a lower number. But a better question is given the businesses involved what values change. Does the acquiring company become more valuable? Is there less competition? Is there intellectual property involved? Customer contacts?A much better way to start this process is to do a fund raising exercise. How much would you expect the company to be pre money and post money, and why? If you have been unsuccessful raising money it is possible your post money valuation expectation is too high. If they feel like they are only in it for the employees and offering more than a acquihire they will need to understand why that is. If less then that is another data point.

to do an "acquihire" at all. Perhaps that term is being misused here?An acquihire is generally a buyout of the team, not the technology, the product, or its business prospects. As the team, I would think about how uniquely skilled you are in the domain for which you presumably being acquihired. Think about your own BATNA, but also think about the acquirer BATNA. How many yous are out there? How crucial is your team to the acquirer business objectives? Do you have a sense for specifically why they want you? Is it to build out a new business practice or vertical strategy? A new product? Are you better qualified to do that than the market at large? How much better? How long would it take a deep pocketed company to assemble a comparable team?Many (most?) acquihires are indeed VC mediated. The rest are usually because a team has managed to distinguish itself as a uniquely valuable and concentrated source of talent or domain expertise, such that finding an alternative on the open market, or building one internally, would take a lot of time, money, and false starts. In that case the acquirer corp dev team probably has a specific calculus it uses to value acquired teams versus building new ones, multiplied in some way by the business upside of the domain or skill in question. If your team operates in a domain with major or mission critical upside to the acquirer, expect a more generous offer. If your team operates in a nice to have, but supporting or uncritical domain for the acquirer, you have less Nike Roshe Run 2 All Black

BATNA = Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement

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That true. Most companies though just shouldn cave Nike Roshe Run Galaxy Footlocker in to those arguments. They should respond with "Pfft. you want us to meet this Nike Roshe Run Maroon Womens

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