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Christian's mum told the school: "I'm so pleased that Christian got all this support, it has really helped him."

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The rapid progress he mentioned was affirmed by Rachel Kelly, chief Roshe Run Sale Cheap

From next year, when transitional controls on European Union migrants expire and up to 21 million Romanians and seven million Bulgarians will be free to travel to Britain and apply for work, the demand for jobs, housing and school places is likely to be more acute.

At the moment, Bradford Council has a policy of giving primary schools 500 for every pupil it gets that is new to English. According to Councillor Ralph Berry, portfolio holder for education, given a degree of stability and support, these children can make rapid progress.

Rachel says: "Children who come Nike Roshe Run Custom Galaxy from backgrounds where English is not a first language don't speak it at home, so they are not picking up English as easily as they could be. But given exposure to English they tend to pick it up quickly and make rapid progress."

Last year, more than 3,500 children and young people in West and South Yorkshire were helped by Reading Matters. There could be more for them to do after 2014.

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Nike Roshe Run Custom Galaxy

Rachel Kelly says: "If children are struggling to read at primary school they could quite easily get turned off reading because it isn't of any interest to them.

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But there are social and economic problems that have an impact on learning, as Coun Berry explains.

Over two 30 minute weekly sessions over ten weeks, he used material sent by the club and a book by the Gunners' star striker Theo Walcott to help Christian.

Helping parents and carers to help their children with English is another Reading Matters programme. Last December, 19 parents and carers attended a three week course at Grange Technology College. An interpreter was on hand to help.

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"There is a clear link between how well children do in school and how often they move. It affects children from all backgrounds."

term private sector rented housing people moving from tenancy to tenancy.

"We have got some really good practices. But next year the Government is going to bring in a national school formula that rules out us being able to do that," he says.

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´╗┐How Arsenal striker Theo Walcott helped football fan Christian speak English From Bradford Telegraph and Argus

Reading Matters mentors are told to find out what interests the children they deal with and start from there not where they are or are not in the National Curriculum.

He says: "Last year we had 7,000 children moving between schools. It's to do with immigration, migration, short Roshes For Girls 2018

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"From March to July last year, his reading age improvement went up from nine years and six months to 12 years and ten months."

"A lot of them don't want to go through their approved reading book from the Oxford Reading Tree. They want to expand to a wider range of material it's a big world out there. At home they don't watch the BBC, they watch programmes from where they come from."

"Even though they might not have been confident and fluent English speakers themselves, they were shown how they could support their children with literacy," Rachel adds.

third language are clearly not illiterate because they are able to converse in other tongues Urdu, Punjabi, Polish, Slovakian, Latvian and French.

executive of Bradford based charity Reading Matters, which provides language mentoring help in education and other services. A little help over a matter of weeks can improve a youngster's reading age considerably.

As latest Census figures reveal that 140,000 people living in the UK can't speak English, it has been revealed that Polish has become the second language in the country. In the past three years, Bradford's school population has had to accommodate more than 6,000 Eastern European children, principally from Poland and Slovakia.

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Mr Phillips says: "Christian's oral English noticeably improved. His reading ability, particularly pronunciation, showed a remarkable improvement.

She gave a number of examples. Immanuel College student Christian Soda arrived in Bradford from the Congo as a 12 year old speaking French. His reading mentor, Derek Phillips, found out that he loved the Gunners Arsenal football club.

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National Office of Statistics figures can make grim or interesting reading depending on your point of view. Many of those for whom English is a second or Nike Roshe Run Kids Grey

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