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´╗┐How Instacart YC S12 Hacked YC

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Having known Apoorva since our days in UW, everyone should know this is par for the course for him. He takes the tools and abilities he Nike Roshe Run Black Anthracite Sail has, and just applies them differently than anyone else. It's tough to put my finger on it. When he first told me this story, I just laughed. Sounds like this sort of behaviour is him. You send the best possible application you can create, you're refused. You contact the YC team, you're refused. I know it takes time but it's in their interest.

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see why they should buy/invest in your product. If showing off your product in the best light possible means delivering beer to a YC partner, then do it.

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You think the difference between interview and no interview with a seed fund is "six pack of beer"? That doesn't sound naive to you?My read was, the difference here was between the idea of a business being discussed on the Internet, versus an instance of the actual real world execution of that idea.

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"I've talked with a lot of startups who got in YC in the past several years, and none of them got a call or an interview without having connection inside or using some kind of a hack."I'm not sure that is a correct conclusion, at least the first part. IMO The partners want to see that you can come up with new and different ways of solving problems.

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Read a little further in that chapter, and it's made abundantly clear that abuse of reciprocity is worse than doing nothing at all: the Hare Krishnas almost never hand out flowers in the airport anymore, because everyone is on to the game. It got him a few minutes on the phone and subsequently a meeting, which then led to the rest because of the quality of his startup/resume/tenacity. So to me, it sounds about right in terms of what reciprocity got him: a foot in the door that he otherwise did not seem able to get.

Amusing, that this thread pops up the day after the "Why I hate HN"/"How to Fix HN" discussion. The 50% of this thread about sexism is a bit off topic, and about another 25% is claiming the application process is broken or that beer equates to a bribe. I feel like this would have been more valuable if people had simply taken it as a lesson for success through tenacity. Here's what I take away from this: delivering the beer made the YC partners realize that Instacart was already up and running with a functional app, at which point it became a quasi Pascal's Wager if Instacart busts, it busts, but it looks like it could pay off big already, so why not bet on it? This is similar to how we got into YC with Light Table. Our initial application for a completely different idea didn't even get an interview, but when we applied late with numbers from Kickstarter to back us, it was a different story. I would wager that for a late application to be successful, the founders have to show a certain above average mettle, but must also have some demonstrative additional value (like a functional app that can deliver a six pack in 30 minutes) that makes YC take the risk of a late acceptance.

By doing this they're selecting for people that have a strong understanding of social interaction. Instacart looks awesome though, so purely for personal benefit I'm glad they got in.

it with a YC partner and a six pack of beer. proving your commitment to an idea in real life. Lots of people are "Internet determined". Give them a sequence of keys to punch, and they will do it, no matter how long that key sequence is! I can imagine, if my job was filtering through many hundreds of long key sequences from people on the Internet, that any signal of real life commitment or execution would stand out.

it's that when someone has handed you something, you feel inclined to give something back. Charlie [Munger] also talks about Ben Franklin working the system: "As he was rising from obscurity in Philadelphia and wanted the approval of some important man, Franklin would often maneuver that man into doing Franklin some unimportant favor, like lending Franklin a book. your peers) is a whole other ballgame. Moreover, if you can't make it past YC's criticisms and processes, how are you going to do the same with people outside the startup community?Remember, we may be a tech savvy community, but you need to convince the rest of the world why you're worthwhile. They need to Nike Roshe Run 2018

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Reciprocity isn't something to take that lightly, by all accounts. I'm pretty familiar with reciprocity. I don't think it's that easy to trigger Nike Roshe Kids Black And White

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This is an inaccurate assessment. Our experience was exactly what YC say it will be for most founders. We applied and were rejected because we were little more than an idea and two business founders. We applied again next batch with an alpha site Nike Roshe Run Sale Mens

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live and several more people on the team, we got an interview. One did not get an interview despite over $100,000 in sales. One did and was rejected. The other was also rejected, and was recently acquired. Maybe I'm not the "connection" you're referring to, but from everything I've seen the application process is what they say it is. And then you have people like the OP who do enough to show that they are more remarkable than you thought.

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