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The Australian Labor Party is in political mourning after being defeated by the opposition. Thanks to the USA for creating the boat problem that stressed Mr Rudd and sent him trotting looking for solutions in PNG and Indonesia.Finally, many people are not interested in war because recent events in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt etc have shown that at times it is better to leave a dictator in power rather than trying to liberate people that you do not Nike Roshe Run Colours

Nike Roshe Run 2018 Womens

now a hero thanks to Obama. Putin has a valid point though. If America was to attack Syria, how will America implement selective attack to ensure that civilians are protected and that Assad is killed? America cannot go into Syria and attack a British national who happens to be Mrs. Assad the wife of the Syrian leader.

CIA operatives like Elizabeth O'Bagy were planted in the Syrian equation to justify the strike but this did not happen as expected. Obama lost the plot because of the following reasons;The UK made it clear within 24hrs that they were not interested in the war. This was a major stumbling block for the USA because the UK is USA's major ally. The subtle reason why trhe UK would not attack Syria is that Assad's wife is a British national. In the event of an attack she would take Assad to UK and the UK would technically not be able to do anything about it.British people are sick and tired of Uncle Tom's demands and Uncle Tom's reputation is in tatters. The UK trying to deal with the influx of Muslims from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan because the UK participated in a war that had nothing to do with them.America has been starting many wars and getting support from its allies for too long and the ally governments are getting tired of supporting America.Let's face it without bias, the USA is in the midst of PR damage control after the Snowden leaks and Russia has become a nation associated with peace, thanks to Mr. Snowden. The USA has been spying on its allies and the allies are not that happy.The aftermath of all USA wars have been borne by its allies. Vietnam War resulted Nike Roshe Run 2018 Womens in Australia taking Vietnamese people as refugees, Iraq and Afghanistan wars have seen unprecedented volumes of Muslims coming to Australia and the UK on illegal boats blowing the Australian and UK boarder control budgets.

Nike Roshe Run 2018 Womens

Mr Putin is Nike Roshe Run Khaki

Many countries in the world have more than enough problems to deal with, climate change, rising fuel prices, poverty creeping in developed countries, the list is endless.

Nike Roshe Run 2018 Womens

Despite efforts to build a case against Syria by the USA administration, the public has been demanding more facts that the usual rhetoric that saw America and its allies go to war in Iraq when there were no WMD that the USA used as a justification.

Nike Roshe Run 2018 Womens


Nike Roshe Run 2018 Womens

Nike Roshe Run 2018 Womens

´╗┐How Obama Lost the Plot

Nike Roshe Run 2018 Womens

Nike Roshe Run 2018 Womens

Nike Roshe Run 2018 Womens

It is an open secret that considering these challenges the allies had good excuse by trying to seek the mandate of the electorate to go to war.

Nike Roshe Run 2018 Womens

have an idea of. Look at what the Muslim Brotherhood did after Mubarak.

America hates Islam but this will not change the world. I am not a Muslim but I would like to see the Muslims left alone until they realise that if they continue to kill each other the world will have nothing to do with their violent breed.

Obama failed to read between the lines and issued a threat without consultation. This time the war process was not automatic as what happened in Iraq during George Bush's Roshe Run Nike

Barak Obama had no clear idea of what he was talking about. There is no concrete evidence until now that Assad gassed people. Foreign aided terrorist may have been responsible. This happened in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

USA president Barak Obama lost the plot when he threatened to take action against Syria and backtracked in less than 48hrs.

Nike Roshe Run 2018 Womens

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