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My advice would be to find a good attorney to help write the note on your first deal under this new law and for those investors who do Nike Roshe Run 1 more than three a year, I find a good MLO (mortgage loan originator) to help oversee your deals.

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The Note cannot contain a balloon payment (this is big deal for investors who typically don want to hold a note over the entire amortization schedule)

´╗┐How Dodd Frank Law Changes Seller Financing for Investors

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Under this bucket, the following rules are worth noting:

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Interest rate must be based on index (ex. prime, T bill, etc) and must be fixed for first 5 years. After 5 years, the rate can only adjust 2 points per year to a max of 6 points above original interest rate.

For any individuals or entities that make more than 3 loans per year, the new law requires that a Mortgage Loan Originator be involved to complete the transaction. Loan requiremenst are the same as bucket 2 (ie. no balloon payments, prove ability to pay, interest rate restriction)

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As a point of clarification, these rules apply when seller financing to an owner occupant. This is not the same as lending on a commercial property or to another investor who does not intend to occupy the property. prime, T bill, etc) and must be fixed for first 5 years. After 5 years, the rate can only adjust 2 points per year to a max of 6 points above original interest rate.

think how to structure these types of deals (if at all).

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debt to income requirements for conventional borrowers, I thought it would be helpful to discuss new guidelines surrounding seller financing.

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Seller does have to prove borrowers to pay

I was actually in the process of negotiating a seller finance with one of my tenants and was halted in my tracks. I was reminded that the new Dodd Frank legislation went into full effect on January 10th of this year and will have a huge impact on investors who use seller financing as an exit strategy. While much of the Dodd Frank discussion has been centered around more stringent Roshe Run Infant

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While the seller financing portion of the 900 page Dodd Frank bill is Nike Roshe Run Yeezy Grey

a relatively small fraction of the legislation, it has huge implications for many investors around the country. For many investors, using short term seller financing plays a major role in their investment business. Going forward, most of these investors will have to re Roshe Gray Womens

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3.) Basically any person or entity that seller finances more than three properties per year (to owner occupants)

2.) Individuals and Trusts that seller finance one to three properties per year (to owner occupants) AND and LLC, partnership or Corporation that seller finances less than three properties per year (to owner occupants)


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There you have it probably clear as mud. This is by no means a comprehensive look at the new law, but probably the most pertinent guidelines for investors who use seller financing.

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