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The list goes on, the more work you do for Free the better.

Take pictures of their flips

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Here some ideas, some probably horrible but if someone came up to me offering to do them, my ears would at least perk up:

background can make some serious money in real estate appraisal and then take that knowledge and invest on the side.

Nike Roshe Red Womens

I know I need to network, however, I not sure how. I plan on going to some REIAs in the Atlanta area, however how do introduce myself to people with having little offer in terms of money or experience and how do I show value? I might need some business cards, what should I put on them? I also up for buying people coffee or lunch, but how do I approach them? As far as a RE assistant and quite possibly later an agent, should I call and email brokers?

Anyway, coffee and lunch is overrated. Every newbie out there is at these meetings offering coffee and lunch, most get turned down. The ones who get a meeting will sit there and get a motivational pick me up by Mr. Experienced investor and then afterwards they are back at square one "that was great but what do I do now?"

There is no good resource on this stuff. You learn the most by getting out of your comfort zone and just doing. Seriously, you learn the most by getting out there, falling flat on your face, losing some money, and then having the guts to get back out there and apply what you just learned.

Handwrite letters for them

Does anyone have any advice on becoming an agent and finding a broker, but firstly is it worth it in my position? I would really like to do commercial, but I understand it Nike Roshe Run Black And White Womens

Much depends on your short and long term goals. Do you really want to get into RE full time? This is often a feast or famine business and you need to be ready to starve through the thin periods and save through the profitable ones.

That being said, I tell you what I did to get into real estate. I got my real estate license and worked with a one man bank real estate agent/property manager. I became his property manager and got lots of hands on experience which I took into the real estate appraiser market. Let me tell you, a person who has strong analytical skills and a business Roshes Run Grey

With biz cards, your mileage may vary. Some investors I know are immediately turned off if you hand them an unsolicited biz card. Instead offer someone so much value that they BEG for your contact info at the end of the day. And then just write it on a napkin or something. Tell them you don bother with biz cards because they for people who like to pretend like they taking the right steps but in actuality aren they understand.

Edit their blog posts

´╗┐How do I learn about the market and more

Nike Roshe Red Womens

Nike Roshe Red Womens

Nike Roshe Red Womens

Originally posted by Matthew Hamilton: I read plenty and sure I can read some more, but I have yet to find a resource that details the various procedures in dealings and transactions.

Hopefully this post is beneficial to other people too!

Put out bandit signs for them

My advice, figure out a way that you can bring value to these guys and then they will really take you under their wing. Sit down and figure it out, it will take some brain power. You can start by figuring out everything all the other floundering wholesalers in your area are doing and do the opposite.

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Believe me, if you offer real value to these guys (lets face it a $15 coffee and lunch is not worth the time) they will open up their playbook, address book, and maybe checkbook for you in the future.

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Biz cards are overrated and every new wholesaler or investor has one. If someone wants to get in contact with you, they will find you. Remember I told you to look at what those people are doing and do the opposite.

Put up craigslist ads

Build them a website

Don make a business card. Unless you are someone that just oozes out value up front, these end up on my desk at the end of the day for a day or two and eventually in the trash.

I really not up for wholesaling considering I don want to mislead people and really don know jack about the market. I think it far too simple for people to say their goal is to start out wholesaling and later moving on to "fix n flip (not to Nike Roshe Red Womens say that all wholesaler do that). What are some knowledge/foundation ways of entering Real Estate.

Nike Roshe Red Womens

Hey everyone! I a broke senior college student (business graduating in December!) and I looking to get into the many aspects of RE. I know it is better to pick a niche and specialize, but I really don have a way of really knowing which I prefer. I read plenty and sure Nike Roshe Run Hyperfuse White

3 Methods (That come to mind): 1. Mentor and shadow, 2. Real Estate Assistant, 3. Become a Real Estate Agent.

I would definitely prefer to do Real Estate full time, but I will have to take what I can get. The sad thing is, the real estate market is performing better than the job market in my area and that why I starting now trying to learn as much as I can asap.

Nike Roshe Red Womens

I can read some more, but I have yet to find a resource that details the various procedures in dealings and transactions. I know how to run the numbers, but it means nothing when I can compare them to the market. I need to connect the dots. Here are some methods and some subsequent questions about obtaining experience.

Nike Roshe Red Womens

Just my 2 cents mainly formed in the past 6 months from meetings with numerous new guys/gals, most who never act on my advice nor return the investment of my time as I had hoped.

If you do not plan to do RE as a career but more as a sideline investment, then I would recommend getting yourself financially stable and get a down payment set aside and then start shopping for income properties.

harder to get into due to longer lead times and all that. Although, honestly, from an outside viewpoint. Both Residential and Commercial look very appealing. Are there possibilities for doing both? I do understand that they require two different skill sets and separate specializations.

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