Nike Roshe Men Custom

Nike Roshe Men Custom

Prosecutors are now focused on his paper trail. They subpoenaed airlines, car rental and credit card companies to physically plot out where he been. They say the biggest challenge is that Keyes would go dark for periods of time to avoid detection. They also released video clips of Keyes, hoping they trigger someone memory and lead to clues about his other killings; remorseless murders he told prosecutors he did not regret.

"He basically took out a Google map and told us where they were buried. And then went into details with investigators later on as to what happened to Bill and Lorraine Currier," Russo said. With Keyes facing life in prison, it appeared they would have years to chip away at him. His suicide changed the game.

Investigators were at his mercy. Attorney for Pink Nike Roshe Tumblr

Nike Roshe Men Custom

"We had a strategy going there to convince him that it was in his interest to tell us about the Curriers," Russo said.

Nike Roshe Men Custom

´╗┐How investigators got Israel Keyes to confess


"It would be just like talking to one of us across the table, but it would be this person who had another side to him that Nike Roshe Run Mens Black And Grey

Nike Roshe Men Custom

Investigators say while questioning Keyes about Koenig, he admitted to murdering a Vermont couple. Bill and Lorraine Curriers disappearance lined up with his story.

After his April arrest for the abduction and murder of Alaskan teenager Samantha Koenig, investigators began to build Nike Roshe Run 2 Grey

Nike Roshe Men Custom

Nike Roshe Men Custom

The feds say they outlined the evidence they had against him, showing him what they planned to prove in court. It worked.

"It very difficult to find out who missing in the United States among adults at any given time, and it was one thing that frustrated us and frustrated the FBI," Russo said.

Gaining the trust of a cold blooded killer was a delicate balancing act. Attorney for Alaska. "He could stop talking to us any time he wanted to."

Nike Roshe Men Custom

Keyes told them his first murder was soon after he left the military in 2000, claiming he killed at least eight people since then and hinting there may be more. Investigators say the scariest part was how competent and reasonable he was.

Nike Roshe Men Custom

enjoyed killing people," Russo said.

a rapport with Keyes and got him talking about his calculated kills.

Nike Roshe Men Custom

"He described that Nike Roshe Men Custom he had a fairly normal childhood and this was a proclivity that he always had, enjoying watching things suffer," Russo said.

Nike Roshe Men Custom

Nike Roshe Men Custom

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