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However for Joy, an only child, it was the disruption of war itself which opened a door into a new, more exciting world, particularly when her mother took in evacuees.

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her schoolfriends also had to live with the daily fear.

Walking to play in The Grove with a friend one day, Joy herself was caught in a terrifying raid.

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For when Britain went to war in 1939, it signalled the start of a whole new order; six years later, the fighting over, a hurricane of change would be simmering on the horizon.

But alongside the excitement of war, she and Nike Roshe Run Inside

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"I always wanted to be a nursery nurse, and that is what I did after the war."

"I remember him going out in the night when sirens were going and bombs were falling," said Joy. "My mother would get up too, because she was worried."

would go off when we were up in the town, too, and we'd have to dash down into the shelter underneath the library."

But while this group of children grew up in an era when much of the old order remained in place the well off in their roomy villas in Nevill Park or Ferndale, their children usually privately educated, while less well off families lived in far more basic, often rented housing, relying on local church schools like St James's to educate their children that world would soon be lost for ever.

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"Us girls were kitchen and house maids and the boys were workmen," recalled Joy Harvey, pictured standing at the left of the photograph. "We were supposed to be working at a big house called number 22."

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By the time Joy and her classmates reached adulthood, the Welfare State would be in place promising care for everybody "from the cradle to the grave", social housing would be spreading rapidly and the revamped education system would offer working class children previously undreamed of opportunities to better themselves.

of tantalising images of city life, Joy took the opportunity to return to London with the Bluecoat pupils, gaining qualifications in cookery, housewifery and typing and spending weekends exploring the capital by bus.

´╗┐How the war altered people's place in life

Living in a town with an above average number of leisured people enjoying independent incomes and with little local manufacturing industry to provide employment, these children from the interwar years understood their future lay in serving the better off. Whether in domestic service or staffing the town's shops and cafes, girls like Joy, the daughter of an Electricity Board worker, had their career paths mapped out from an early age.

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Meanwhile, most of Tunbridge Wells's big old family houses would disappear. Difficult to staff and expensive to maintain, many were either pulled down to make way for smaller houses or divided up into flats more suited to modern life.

DRESSED up for their class play at the end of the 1930s, the children pictured right from St James's Infant School in Quarry Road, Tunbridge Wells knew their place in life.

Along with many friends and neighbours, her father Bill joined the Territorial Army when war broke out.

For the Harvey family, Camden Road, the area where so many working people lived, was the centre of daily life.

For children like Joy, born between two world wars and destined to live into a new Millennium, these experiences were to prove potent symbols of the explosive changes to come.

She said: "I loved having other children around. We looked after two brothers sent down to Skinners' School from Colfe's School in Lewisham, and also some pupils from The Bluecoat in Greenwich, which moved down to Culverden House."

"Planes came over above us and starting shooting, Nike Roshe Ladies Black so we laid down by a wall in a garden at the top of Grove Hill Road. Sometimes sirens Nike Roshe Run Navy Blue On Feet

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