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Is it a good deal? It depends. Some workers could find themselves with higher bills overall. But part time Trader Joe's Nike Roshe Run Mens Blue And White

years in a row, though, as companies search for ways to trim costs.

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Unlike many companies, the Trader Joe's grocery chain has long offered coverage to part time workers for a price. As a result, Trader Joe's has become a popular place to work for people like actors who want insurance but don't want a full time job.

Here are five things that might change for you:

"Their move is driven by a calculation that their part time employees will face lower insurance costs and therefore higher take home pay if they go to the Exchange," Buchmueller says. "The math does not work out that way for full time employees, so Trader Joe's is keeping those benefits in place."

So why is UPS making its decision now? The company is pointing a finger at the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, saying the law is partially responsible for its decision.

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

Most Americans get their insurance through employers. In 2012, the Economic Policy Institute estimated that 59% of Americans under age 65 were covered by employer sponsored health insurance. That number has fallen for 10 Roshe Run Blue And Grey

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

If you find yourself asking this question, join the club. Employers as diverse as UPS, Walgreens, and Nike Roshe Boys Shoes Trader Joe's are making major adjustments to how they offer health insurance to their workers.

And then there's this humdinger: My company is doing what?

Other companies are trying a similar approach to Trader Joe's, but without sending employees to the new Marketplaces. Instead, their employees will get insurance through a similar system that's not managed by the government.

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

1. Your Working Spouse Might Lose Coverage

´╗┐How Employers Change Coverage

3. You Might Have to Buy a Policy From a Private Exchange

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

a Policy if You Work Part Time

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

The company is changing things in January. Part time employees will get $500 checks to spend on coverage through the online Marketplaces, also known as "Exchanges," created by the Affordable Care Act.

2. You Might Have to Buy Nike Roshe Women Green

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

Cutting benefits for working spouses isn't a new idea. "It's part of a long running trend of employers looking more carefully at who's eligible for coverage," says Thomas Buchmueller, a professor of business economics at the University of Michigan.

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

UPS has been in the news over eliminating health insurance benefits for thousands of working spouses of employees. Why? Because of rising medical costs and because the spouses have access to policies through their own workplaces.

employees already pay part of the cost of their coverage, and many will get subsidies (financial aid) from the federal government to help them afford new policies.

Sept. 24, 2013 The Affordable Care Act takes full effect on Jan. 1, 2014, and the questions are coming fast and furious: Do I need to buy new health insurance? How much will coverage cost?

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

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